About a month and a half ago I did a post about the open spaces for rent on Manhattan Ave and I thought I’d update to see what the deal is with some of those joints.

First up was the old Shanghai Lee. Turns out this is now a Korean place. And my sister said it’s run by Polish people. Hey, there’s Chinese people making Mexican food so who am I to say that’s strange.

Then there was the nice vintage storefront of Nathan’s. Last weekend I passed by this place and there was a dude drawing peoples portraits in the vestibule. And a sign that said Flea Market in the window. Today I spy the property on Corcoran and the rent is for $10,000 a month. Something tells me the sketching guy ain’t got that kinda dough.

The 99 cent Plus store was turned into a shoe store. One of those Polish owned stores where they sell European goods. It just seems like such a waste of space, there’s hardly anything in there.

Everyone and their mother has heard by now that Xtra is going to be a Wamu.


There’s been no change with Dutch Dairies, the hardware store that claimed a Japanese restaurant was coming since Christmas, the Top 99 cents / Checkline Wirelss that was a Rickys for a hot minute, Sundae Delights or the old mens clothing store.

The most interesting to me has been George’s. They’ve gutted the entire place. It’s pretty huge. No idea what’s going to be there, yet, but I sincerely am hoping it’s something USEFUL.

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  1. where was George’s? I walked by an enormous space yesterday on Manhattan (maybe just south of Greenpoint Ave?) and I asked a worker inside what was coming. He said, “Sleepy’s mattress. What, you were hoping for a club?” “No,” I said, “just anything but a Sleepy’s.”

  2. George’s Variety was at 759 Manhattan Ave – between Meserole and Norman.

    Just south of Greenpoint Ave makes me think you’re talking about the old Xtra Space which pretty much everyone thinks is going to be a Wamu Bank…

    Hmmm, that would be pretty interesting!

  3. And George’s now has big plywood in front of the whole building. I can’t imagine what’s going on in there. Maybe that will be the Sleepy’s. 🙁

  4. Hmm. I may be mistaken, it may have been between Meserole and Norman (I know for sure it was the west side of the street). But the worker certainly told me it was going to be a Sleepy’s. Unless the dude was fucking with me, which would be an incredibly lame, pointless joke to play.

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