Well I woke up this morning to find the following 5am comment on the last post about Club Exit:

ryan said…

just gotten woken up by these assholes..
ghetto people suck.

Then the following email just a few minutes ago:

Hi fellow “Greenpointer”-

I’m wondering if you or any of your readers heard the screaming and gunshots (?) out at Club Exit (Greenpoint Ave. btwn. Manhattan and McGinnis) last night at 4:00. We’re next door and the yelling was so loud it woke us up and I called 911 after hearing what sounded like 5 gunshots. When I looked out the window, there was a gigantic party bus and tons of people in the street. The Club Exit crowd has always been a nuisance (I’ve witnessed many fights and tussles with police, and one anonymous neighbor of mine has started a crusade against them, asking everyone to file noise complaints against them so they’ll be fined), but it’s never been as bad as it was last night. If indeed the noises were gunshots, I’d be a little worried for our mostly-peaceful neighborhood.

That said, this morning, there was no sign of anything outside and I haven’t seen the story picked up by any news outlet.

Great blog! Thanks for your help.

When it comes to Club Exit I go right to my sister who lives around the corner, here’s her account of last night:

I drove to work this morning.

There was indeed screaming and the same shit that happens almost every Thursday, then at 4am the Club Exit people were *losing it* outside.

Anyway, driving down Greenpoint Avenue toward McGuinness Blvd, right after Leonard on the right hand side, the police had the front sidewalks of three row houses yellow taped off. Right across from Exit. Not a coincidence, I’m sure.

Who knows if one actually has to do with the other, but it would be a pretty big coincidence. Anyone else got any info to share?


** Update from Anonymous commenter – discussion going on at Brooklynian.com forums.

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  1. We live down the block from Exit. There was indeed quite a ruckus early this morning, and we are pretty sure we heard gun shots. This morning my wife was stopped by a detective. Apparently someone was shot in the head. Not cool…

  2. I don’t have a lot to add, but can confirm a couple of things. I walked a friend home from her bartending job last night to her place a few doors before McGuinness on Greenpoint, so we walked by Club Exit a little after 4 am. There was a huge, excited crowd and a number of cops with more arriving.

    I left her place at 5:30 and walked home and police tape was up blocking the sidewalk across the street from the club with a couple of police cars parked there. I didn’t check it out in detail; because of that tape barricade I walked down Eckford instead of going on to Manhattan Ave to get home.

  3. The Daily News website today posted a brief [a href=”http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2008/04/19/2008-04-19_partygoer_shot_near_brooklyn_club.html
    “]article[/a] with a few more details.

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