Everyone’s talking about who the celebrity silent partner is in on 14 Bedford Ave. No I have no idea who it might be, but for the record it’s in Greenpoint – not Williamsburg. Oh, I give up.

BlackBook had a post about it and it mentions it’s the old Theresa’s Hair Salon but I remember it as the old Say What, Say When where my mom and I used to get our hair done years and years ago. I even want to say that Theresa was a stylist there but don’t quote me on it. I used to even have an old business card from the place. Yellow with like a mens and womens head connected together by their hair. Tres chic, no? Man, I got my haircut from those people when they were still on Manhattan Avenue. I mean that had to be like 1985.

And sadly my hair was in some sort of cross between an afro and a mullet.

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