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I’m a pet lover but I am allergic to cats and apparently I am the only person I’ve ever heard of who is allergic to hypo-allergenic dogs like my parents toy poodle, but I digress.

Lisacat is a contact of mine on Flickr that I always check out. I love her beautiful photos of even more beautiful cats and dogs that are usually available for adoption at the BARC Shelter.

Tonight I came across this picture of Molly and her story.

Molly was trapped in Canarsie, Brooklyn where she lived with a colony of true wild cats and a couple of friendly cats. The ferals were returned to the colony after being spayed or neutered and we’re finding homes for the “friendlies”. Bide-A-Wee, and City Critters have taken in some of our adoptables, but Molly tested positive for feline leukemia. As she is older and not showing any symptoms, we’re hoping to place her in a home with other positive cats or with an experienced cat person. She’s a playful sweetie and deserves a chance at a real home.

Come on, someone please take care of her and give her a nice home?

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