I saw this post on INSIJS and it just about made my insides sink!

In the past few days, the familiar Anytime sign has been removed and replaced by an even more-familiar “Commercial Space for Rent / Capri Jet Realty Corp” placard. As of 5 pm Tuesday, the restaurant was still answering their phone and accepting take-out orders. The staff chuckled when we asked about the signage swap, insisting the owner is just “renting out commercial space” and that the restaurant is still doing business as usual. A call to the realtor was not returned as of this posting.

Who else delivers greasy goodness, beer and a pack of cigs when me and my friends are wasted, high and need munchies like fried perogis and jalapeno poppers? Huh? Who is going to that if Anytime disappears?!

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  1. I got a little worried about this today when I walked by and now I read this! My gf and I have a weekly ritual of ordering anytime and enjoying seriously bad tv and without anytime I might just die a bit.

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