The Silver Screens of Greenpoint post by linacassius gives a rundown of the six – count ’em six – movie theaters of Greenpoint’s bygone eras.

I’m with Lina, I would *love* a movie theater back in the ‘hood – but I’ve mentioned that already. 🙁

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  1. There were actually nine, that's right, nine theaters serving our neighborhood:

    1. The Midway, 1059 Manhattan Ave., between Eagle and Freeman Sts. Closed after 1930 and demolished. The site was at one time occupied by the Astor Tool & Die Company.

    2. The Garden, 742 Manhattan Ave., between Meserole and Norman Aves. Silent films only. The property was owned by the Gerke family and was used as a catering hall after the theater closed after 1927.

    3. American/Chopin, 910 Manhattan Ave., near the corner of Greenpoint Ave. Second run house. Space was occupied by a Roy rogers, Burger King and , at present, a damned Starbucks, as if we need any more of them.

    4.Green Street Arcade Theater, 153 Green Street, between Manhattan Ave. and McGuinness Blvd. Bet you didn't know about this one, huh? Slients only. Closed after 1927. Used as a warehouse today.

    5. Meserole, 723 Manhattan Ave., between Meserole and Norman Aves. Closed in the early 80s nd reincarnated as a roller disco called Laces. Then it became Liquidators' Arena, a Genovese, Eckerd and now, a Rite-Aid.

    6. The Nassau Avenue Theatre, 88 Nassau Ave., between Manhattan Ave. and Leonard St. The site is presently occupied by the Princess Manor.

    7. Public Palace Theatre, 555 Graham Ave., near Driggs Ave. Used as a Democratic social club today.

    8. RKO Greenpoint Theatre, 825 Manhattan Ave., between Noble and Calyer Sts. Site now occupied by a Rainbow store, formerly Goodwin's.

    9. Winthrop Theater, 135 Driggs Ave., corner of Driggs Ave. and Russell St. It was demolished after 1960, and an A&P was built on the site. It's now a MET Food Supermarket.

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