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  1. I did hear the dollar store going out of biz is going to be another bank. Wamu i think. L & A, Georges, and OTB Greenpoint is changing. As long as the donut shop does not close. The booming Franklin street has been a nice addition to the hood. Any word on what is going on at the Gutman property on Noble?

  2. Ah, we were missing a WaMu… Jesus.

    Rumor has it L&A is going to be an Indian restaurant. As for Georges, I’m wondering when that is going to turn into something else. I really hated seeing that go. Peter Pan Donut Shop better live on forever, though they’ve taken a hit since Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks hit the strip.

    I can’t even keep up with the Gutman thing, I’m sure whenever something happens with that place, the blogosphere will light up. I try to keep myself old school and simple.

    Franklin Street has definitely been a really nice upgrade. Especially being that I live on Franklin now. lol

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