When Greenpoint turned from Little Poland into Little Thailand is beyond me, but here’s another Thai place – this one is all the easier to order online from. God knows I love not having to talk to people.

And to top it off Tonkao II is giving away FREE dinners.

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  1. I’m with you- I hate having to repeat my order/address/phone number 5 times. I mean I order from Thai Cafe so often, how do they NOT have that information?!

    The one time I tried to order from this new place online, I got an error after I painstakingly made my selections. So I had to call anyway. But they are very good, I highly recommend them!

  2. This place has seriously great food. For the amount of Thai places in the ‘hood, so far this one has the yummiest foodstuffs (pineapple fried rice…omg). I order from here frequently!

  3. This is the best Thai in Greenpoint. The only Thai in Greenpoint that can live up to the name. Avoid everywhere else, especially erb!!!! These people are so nice, so I want them to succeed! Food is incredible.

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