This is just too entertaining not to read. Greenpoint rat mating from Postcoitus’ Pillow Talk:

The male rat really had some persistence. He would grab her by her scruff and try to mate but then she’d run away. Although she’d always come back; she wanted it. We could even hear her make these little squeaking noises. And it just went on like that for at least ten minutes. Sometimes he would run away, then she’d scamper around the mountains of trash looking for him, sometimes she would run away and he would look for her. But sometimes, sometimes, he would succeed. Apparently it’s also normal for the male to repeatedly mount the female for very brief sessions, although I didn’t find this out until afterwards. We weren’t sure if this was normal or if we were watching Rat Rape.

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  1. did anyone else hear/see the man throwing the stool at the astral glass door last nite – and finally breaking it? screaming at the top of his lungs at 3am…

    it was lovely.

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