This weekend was such insane debauchery that most of it can’t even printed. Too personal, too illegal and probably too boring not knowing any of the people. Or even worse reading it and knowing the people involved… Eeek.

So, Sunday night watching the game at Red Star, and what a game it was! Giants in the Super Bowl baby! Anyway, as always it’s a good night at Red Star. Saw more friends I haven’t seen in fifteen years or longer. But the cherry on top was Ron Darling chilling watching the game right at the bar!

Towards the end of the night I am outside smoking a cig when Ron Darling and his friend were coming out to leave. I said hello, introduced myself and Ron Darling tells me to give him a hug! It was freaking awesome. My sister came out and we four chatted for about a minute and Ron Darling even asked me for a cigarette. Swoon.

About a minute after that a silver Nissan Z came whipping around the corner of West onto Greenpoint Ave. It was one of those peel-out sounding screeches, only this guy couldn’t maintain control of the car and he crashed head-on into three cars right in front of CoCo’s.

Me, my sister, Ron Darling and his friend went running over to help get this guy and his girlfriend out of the car. Both airbags deployed and thankfully they were both alright. Ambulances, cops and fire engines were there in two minutes. Which for the record, the paramedic was freaking HOT – if he or anyone he knows happens upon this, he should know how sexy he is.


Anyway, the driver wound up getting arrested and there were a ton of people outside of CoCo’s taking pictures so if anyone’s got one let me know and I’ll post it here. It was the most insane thing I’d ever seen.

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  1. Oh yes – Sanitation hero guy was right behind us and having trouble opening the door though until I reached inside and unlocked it for him.

    He was very amazing and helped carry the girl out of the passenger seat through the drivers side. He also was trying to claim that he was driving the car, which was a bit odd…

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