Walking down Manhattan Avenue the other night I noticed five open storefronts just in the two blocks from Noble to Greenpoint. First up the hardware store on Noble and Manhattan sported a dayglo green oaktag sign indicating a Sakura IV (or VI?) was opening soon. Seems like a Chowhounder noticed as well.

Then across the street at what was Ricky’s for a hot second, got a giant Commercial Space For Rent sign in the window. It’s really one huge fucking sign.

A couple of doors from that is a space where behind the torn down awning reads Sundae Delight (I vaguely think I remember that from when I was a kid – or maybe I’m thinking of Fat Louie’s). I saw some lights going on in the back area of that, so maybe something will be there soon. I think it was a 99ยข Store before. I’d like to think that the real estate is becoming too costly for another one to take it’s place…

And what about that one that has been vacant forever, that retro front store between Milton and Greenpoint? Blue and chrome, with a curved glass. I love that. Totally the sort of place I’d love to rent and turn into a vintage housewares and home decor store. How hipster of me.

Then finally, the LA Cafe Pizzeria Restaurant joint that just closed. It’s already outfitted for a restaurant, I imagine it will stay one. It’d be nice if it stayed Italian, too since there’s not a lot to choose from. I could absolutely do without another Asian joint.

It would be nice if I could go out and get pictures of these places or even the addresses but I am a lazy bitch and you should know what I’m talking about without visual stimuli, anyway.

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  1. Rumor has it that an Indian restaurant is going in where LA is, which is 100 times better than another Thai place.

  2. FYI – The Indian restaurant that is to replace La pizza has already gone to CB1 for their liquor license. Extra Discount down the block is becoming another bank. They have applied for a landmarks permit for exterior modification.

  3. Great – thanks for the update!

    I saw the lights on in LA yesterday so they must be starting/finishing up work.

    As for Xtra becoming another bank – that sucks!

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