Turns out the Naked Greenpoint Resident “is not a hipster”.

Josh Drimmer (Yale graduate) goes trolling around naked in Times Square (sans his slacker hair and beard), makes the front page of the NY Post, spends a couple of nights at Bellevue and what he wanted to “clear up” was that he’s “not a hipster“.

Yeah, right.

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  1. fucking hipster piece of shit, can’t even admit he’s a fucking hipster who had a fucking nervous breakdown because his worthless fucking hipster existence packing DVD’s in bubble wrap at 8bucks an hour so he can rewrite Richard III as a piece of fucking trans-gender southern lit – couldn’t hack it at circuit city doing overnights and upstock.

    fuck him! Get a job you fucking piece garbage pale.

  2. It that isn’t a shining example of why you shouldn’t allow anonymous comments, I havn’t seen one. I am a bit puzzeled by this statement you made

    Yeah, right.
    What makes you so sure about that? Do you know this kid? If I were to use your logic, I could say the same exact thing to you. In fact, I read a about Josh Drimmer in several papers, none gave much info. Comparing that info with the info I gathered from your blog, I can determine without a doubt that YOU are more of a hipster then him.

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