AM New York reports today on the Greenpoint stench we all know and hate.

“When the Department of Environmental Protection held the grand opening of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk, it was a lovely day by all accounts: the sun was shining, a cool breeze blew off the water, and children played in the new park.

There was just one problem, say several who attended the event last month. The place stunk, as it did for several days this pas summer with a sewage-like smell.”

Ok, there has been a lot of mentioning of this Newtown Creek Nature Walk park thingy the DEP thought up lately and I just have to say – are they mentally retarded? Why on earth ANYONE would want to spend a day any closer to the shit plant is beyond me.

“But residents say the smell has grown worse recently, more pungent, covering a wider swath of the neighborhood for more days out of the year.”

Honestly, I have to disagree. I have only smelled it on but a few occasions this Summer and as a kid I remember it stinking and I lived further away from it than I do now. It actually seems about the same. Maybe it depends on which way the wind blows, but honestly, that’s neither here nor there – the place is a fucking warehouse for SHIT. What do you really expect it to smell like? Really?

“A few years ago this was billed as the last place anybody on earth would want to be,” said Ann Kansfield, pastor of the Greenpoint Reformed Church. “Most of the people who could move out of the neighborhood did. I mean what kind of affluent person would want to buy a place here?”

Ok, I wouldn’t go as far as saying Greenpoint was the last place anyone on earth would want to be, but I do agree that many who could leave did. Many went out of state, some out to Long Island but many have stayed. It’s not the same place it was then, someways better, others worse. But I definitely can’t say the Creek Reek has changed either way.

No disrespect to The Newtown Creek Alliance, which I’m sure is trying to do only good things and of course I would be insane to not want cleanup and less stank in the Creek, but I honestly can’t help but think the “Nature Walk” is just a waste of money. Why would anyone want to go walk around basically in the middle of a sewage treatment plant? Yeah the views are nice but I highly doubt it’s going to be anything but desolate over there.


However, I bet it’s nice for people who work there. Someplace a little nicer to have a smoke break.

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