Here I thought that Bloomberg coming to The Point this Thursday would be the highlight news of the day for the ‘hood. But oh, how wrong could I have been? The best news is happening right here in my own little architectural landmark delight apartment complex. Even Curbed picked up the drama.

It’s no new news that The Astrals are infested with bedbugs. I, luckily, am not living in 74 or 76 India which appear to be where the known problem is. Hey, if you’re looking to move in there’s a two bedroom available right now right in the center of the critter kingdom!

I feel awful for this girl. What a horrible ordeal for her to have to go through. Toxic mold nonetheless, too! Ugh. It’s disgusting and a travesty. And it definitely gets me worried. How long will it be before the buggers reach the other end of the buildings? I know it seems damn near impossible to deal with the bedbug issue that is happening in New York right now. I can’t imagine being an owner of a cluster of buildings this size and even knowing where to begin to fix this situation. But it seems like they’re not even trying, which is just unacceptable.

I’m no newcomer to the problems in the building. A month after I moved in my bathroom ceiling collapsed, but in all fairness, the leak and my ceiling were fixed pretty promptly. The Super has been nothing but helpful and nice to me, so I can’t complain or badmouth the guy personally.

Plus, his MySpace page is pretty hot, no?


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  1. Did you notice Tommy is a Leo? Too bad. We’re totally incompatible.

    Even so, I am totally tempted to contact this guy and “make an appointment” if you know what I mean.

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