The Astral

As many of you know I live in The Astral and now it’s a NOVEL. Yep. Kate Christensen’s latest book is titled The Astral, with a picture of – you […]

Smallest World Ever

*image by Vidiot So I get an email yesterday from a fellow blogger and wouldn’t you know it – she was the previous tenant in my exact apartment. How fucking […]

Bedbugs Make The List

Renting out the Astral just got (even) more difficult. I just spied this ‘ad’ on Craigslist. “This is a warning: two former tenants of the astral (the large beautiful building […]

Mayhem, Indeed

Oh man. The Astrals are taking a beating in the blogosphere. And the Super is getting some extra press for his “sidejob”. Gawker has an especially tasty post. What’s next? […]

Home Sweet Home

Here I thought that Bloomberg coming to The Point this Thursday would be the highlight news of the day for the ‘hood. But oh, how wrong could I have been? […]