Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Totally psyched! I bought tickets to see Modest Mouse at McCarren Pool on September 8th.

I already had a chance to check out the venue when I saw Erasure earlier this month and I really liked it. So for my baby sisters 14th birthday I sprung for the show. Now at 14 I have to admit the kid has a more advanced musical taste than most people twice her age. I used to consider myself on top of the new music scene but she blows me away. And we have virtually the same tastes.

Plus, I’ve been a fan of Modest Mouse since my days living on Staten Island. A good guy friends girlfriend loved them and turned me on to them, Built to Spill and Pavement. And this was back in like 98. So I am in no way some “Float On” discoverer of their music. I’m a real fan.

I’m still kicking myself over missing the Beastie Boys play a few weeks ago and there was no way I was going to miss Modest Mouse. And albeit I might have preferred to spend the concert chugging Brooklyn Summer Ale with a friend as I originally planned, in the end the sheer delight and squeals of my baby sister when I told her I got tickets for her birthday was a very close runner up.

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