Furnishing the new apartment has been a challenge. My current Ikea crap does not work with the whole feeling of my new place. Plus with the addition of my boyfriend SS’s stuff, my apartment looks like West Elm & Ikea’s love child and I’ll tell you – she ain’t pretty.

In an effort to spruce it up I visited Jay East on Greenpoint Avenue.

I had to drag SS there, but don’t you know then he didn’t want to leave. They have a beautiful selection of furniture, the hand painting and especially the wood carved screens made me swoon. SS talked me out of 950 dollar screen, but I failed in talking him out of the 195 dollar antique drum tables.

We decided on a hand painted cabinet (can’t wait to fill it with liquor), 2 antique drum tables and a red carved bench. Real useful stuff.

They also have an outpost in DUMBO, but it’s smaller and does not have the selection of the large Greenpoint location.

SS haggled his way to a delightful 10% discount and free curbside delivery. All packed up into the stock guy’s mini van, SS ask if he can make a quick stop at the beer distributor next door.

“We are right here GG, might as well pick up a couple of cases to go with our furniture”

After breaking into those, I realized I now have a comfy opium den vibe going on.

253 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 349-6782

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