Erasure Concert 8_3_07
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We caught Erasure at McCarren Park on Friday night and being my first time at the venue, I gotta say I liked it. I’m not a huge Erasure fan, basically I can get down with Oh L’Amor and Chains Of Love – after that I’m pretty clueless.

It was fun enough – big thumbs up for Brooklyn Summer Ale being served. But I was really pleased with the size of the venue. Not anywhere near crowded or claustrophobic and there was a great view from everywhere. Note to self: Must bring something to lay on next time as the concrete can be pretty fucking scratchy. I haven’t had this many cuts and scrapes since I was ten.

Afterwards we headed to Black Rabbit where we were ‘recognized’ for the first time. Cathy from Black Rabbit knew me and GG were the Greenpointers bloggers. Ah, our first taste of fame.

It’s all downhill from here.

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