I got an email this morning from Shecky’s titled “To The Point”. I immediately knew it was gonna be about Greenpoint. People love to use that phrase as a headline for us. ::insert huge eyeroll here::

Greenpoint is in their “Neighborhood Spotlight” this week:

From killer kielbasa and crazy kickball, this G-train centric hood may be isolated, but it’s notorious for its diversity (and hot up-and-coming real estate). When it comes to adorable local boutiques chock full of trendsetting fashions, you might have to verge off the main hipster-beaten path (read: Manhattan Ave.), but Greenpoint certainly doesn’t disappoint! Check out these hot spots… we wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Um, what are they talking about with the ‘crazy kickball’ thing? Am I missing something? Is Greenpoint some sort of kickball inventing village that I have heard nothing about? The kielbasa thing makes perfect sense, but I just don’t get the kickball thing. Maybe it’s me.

It’s nice they showcased places to shop in the hood. Nearly all their selections are from Franklin Street and all of them very cool places. I don’t shop in any of them because I spend any and all discretionary income on alcohol, but I pass by them and look longingly into their windows often.

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  1. Isolated? 13 Minutes train commute to Midtown Manhattan. Two stops from 7, E, V. One Stop to L. 1/8 mile to the Midtown Tunnel. 1/2 mile to Queensboro Bridge. 1/2 Mile to Williamsburg Bridge. 2 BQE Exits. I don’t get this isolated propoganda. Park Slope, Carroll Gardens & Boerum Hill are isolated with their 45 to 1 hour commutes, but certainly not Greenpoint. BTW – the G train runs every 8 minutes.

  2. Ditto!

    I don’t know where they get the ‘isolated’ from either. I imagine it’s the same morons who think we’re famous for ‘crazy kickball’.

  3. I think they’re referring to the McCarren Park Sunday Kickball craziness. Although that’s not really Greenpoint. Or Crazy.

  4. Sorry, but McCarren Park IS actually Greenpoint. In fact it’s original name when it opened was Greenpoint Park.

  5. Ah, ok yes I think I recall hearing something about the kickball thing now. Though I beg to differ on the significance of it as being on the level of “famous for” as the kielbasa, but I digress…

    And yes, McCarren Park is *in* Greenpoint. I always looked at it as the sort of divider between Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I’m not sure of the exact dividing lines between the two, I’m not exactly a surveyor, but the park is definitely on our side.

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