I want to thank Gowanus Lounge for the shout out.

Yesterday morning on my way to work I was entering the Greenpoint G train when I saw one of the many neighborhood bums. He’s a resident on the corner of Greenpoint and Manhattan right next to Malone’s Car Service. Well it seems since last time I saw him, he’s lost his right eye!! I was horrified! It was like something out of a movie.

I see him staggering towards me at 8:30 AM with one eye and I want to run back up the stairs….. but then I hear the signal for my train, and the G doesn’t run every couple of minutes, so I got up my courage and ran past him. He was saying “ooo the train, ooo the train” like that midget on Fantasy Island, but without that accent.

It was all pretty surreal. I called my sister (co-editor of this blog) and told her of the scary missing eye bum… and she said wow, you have to blog about that.

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  1. this guy is a black dude, right? i think i saw him shuffling down the nassau ave platform on wednesday morning, but i’ve never seen him before….he definitely had an eye missing and was talking to himself….

  2. Are you telling me there are two Greenpoint bums with missing eyes this week? GG’s is an older white guy and at the Greenpoint Ave station. We actually had a discussion over which bum it was and (sadly) I knew the one she meant.

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