So yeah, we do exist to find the next coolest bar. What wasn’t mentioned in the below post is that we are sisters. Not just as in sista, a person I consider my girl; but as in the real biological sense. Novel huh? I’m super new to blogging, but I am assuming there are a million sister team bloggers out there. Eff it, we want to share our stories on the we are.

My first ever blog post is going to be about my new apartment. I am so psyched to move in. I can hardly stand it. After 2 slumlord nightmares, I am moving in to a real 2 bedroom with closets!! Fairly unheard of in Greenpoint in buildings built before 2006. It’s over 1000 sq ft – approximately 6 steps to the G train and has everything I ever wanted; even an outlet in the bathroom!

So now I need to get a bike. Equal parts because I want to fit in with the new arrivals, I’m sick of walking and my fat ass needs the exercise after I try all the beers on tap in the new styleee establishments popping up all around me.

Well now that I have gone off on a new tangent… the bars, let’s see. My current favorite is Black Rabbit. The decor is amazing, and the people are great. Kent, Anne & Kathy are the sweetest bar crew in history.

I need a lesson in blogging. My sis promises to show me the ropes. Stay tuned for pictures of the pad!


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