Welcome to the latest blog about another hipster Brooklyn nabe – Greenpoint. The only difference with this one is we were actually born and raised here.

We went to the schools here (St. Anthony’s, PS 110, JHS 126).

We grew up on the the streets here (Java, Humboldt, Calyer, Leonard, Greenpoint & Franklin).

We hungout here (Winthrop – McGolrick for all you newbies – Park, 34 Schoolyard, The Pit).

And we’re still here.


Now instead of just sharing space with the Polish community, we’re sharing with the influx of hipsters who’ve come from places like Kansas and Minnesota to show off their skinny jeans and Flowbee haircuts.

But we’re not hating, we all have one common goal. Natives, poles and cow tippers alike – we all just wanna get drunk.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Great that you are natives (i’m from Queens originally myself) and are into “intergration”!!! Things have really changed in Greenpoint huh? weird right?

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