Let Suite Pieces Teach You To Transform Your Furniture + Paint Deal


Transform old furniture into something fresh!
Transforming furniture is one of the things we love to do the most at Suite Pieces (located at 162 Huron Street)! We’re going to share with you how fun and easy it is to change the look of something you already own without the hassle of sanding and priming. We’ll be using one of our favorite product lines that we offer in the shop, Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. By the time you do all that prep-work with traditional latex paint, you’re ready to call it quits and leave yet another unfinished project sitting around your apartment taking up precious, expensive square footage. When you use Chalk Paint® for your painting projects, you get instant gratification that keeps you going till it’s back in place ready for a photo op! Continue reading

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Spice Up Your Abode with Home of the Brave Today (3/6)

Weejah Platter, $350

Your home could use some lovin’. Enter the latest pop-up shop, Home of the Brave, on 67th West St, #416 (and our HQ). The new store is run by Wolves Within owners, Max and Bethany Vogel, with careful selections by Brooklyn artisans. If Wolves Within is the ultimate dream closet, then Home of the Brave would be the dream home.

The pop-up shop will officially open this Thursday, March 6th.

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Simply Nu’s Sushi Platter Collection ALA Means “Wing” in Spanish

Sushi Collection by Simply Nu

Featured Valentine’s Market vendor, SimplyNu’s products are inspired by nature and the subtle processes that take place in the natural world. Continue reading

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Warm Your Home With DIY Project Ideas from Suite Pieces

Suite Pieces

Making your space your own isn’t just about the furniture, but also warming it up with things that tell your personal story. Suite Pieces, a local vintage furniture and DIY boutique on Huron St in Greenpoint, will be at our Valentine’s Market this Sunday sharing ideas and products that can help you make your home all about you and those you love. Shop owner Corina Gomez shared with us how photo transfer can help us forget about this cold weather and remember warmer days: Continue reading

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Ramona: A New Drinking Spot Brought To You By City of Daughters

Ramona Cocktail

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but baby, it’s cold outside. Now that the holidays have passed us by and the rest of January looms lengthily in the distance—like a neverending hallway in a cheap hotel, carpeted with repeated patterns of discolored ivy leaves and fleur-de-lis—Father Frost appears to have finally taken an interest in his part of the year. I repeat: it’s really f’ing cold. I’m still not quite sure how to deal with it.

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Wave of the Future: People of 2morrow (New Shop)

Darlings, there’s a new thrift store in town and it’s totally glorious. People of 2morrow (65 Franklin St) is a perfect blend of whimsical vintage and mindfully curated products. Walking through the bright, open and airy space, you’ll find womens and mens wear, jewelry fit for minimalist lovers and wood nymphs, sweet home goods, and twee gifts for tots.

I spied a creamy white Escada sweater for under forty bucks and an adorable vintage kids jumper from the 1940s. The store also sports a weekly pop-up shop to feature local designers, keep an eye out for intricate jewelry, candles and apothecary, and housewares.
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Featured Vendor: Brooklyn Craft Coop

During the holidays, we are in such a rush doing a million things at once, that often the easiest route for holiday decorating is mass produced store bought junk that sooner or later ends up in a landfill. Not only did I love how unique Brooklyn Craft Coop’s decorations are like the Violet Paper Star Garland pictured, but they are so special you will want to decorate with them year after year.

Lindsay, Susan and Sharon are the the ladies behind Brooklyn Craft Coop, a featured vendor at our Holiday Market and Sharon chatted with us about how the three came together to get crafty and their love of sustainable crafting and Greenpoint.  Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: NY CLOCKS

Our featured vendor New York Clocks makes fun clocks from recycled items like this tea canister shown and book covers and postcards . This year the shop is also featuring key ring holds.

Andria Alefhi started New York Clocks because she said she “wanted to make a clock from a pop tarts box and it just went from there.”

A jack of many trades making clocks is Andria’s hobby, professionally she is ASL interpreter and an adjunct professor and a zine maker and a wedding officiant.

Her bestseller is the tea tin clock and she said that she thinks that her customers love them  because of the nostalgia. “I’ve had customers tell me great stories about why they were buying a particular flavor of tea for a special person in their lives, and it’s awesome.

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Suite Pieces: The Patron Saints of Home DIY

 If you’re looking to add some punchy new wares to your dwelling and not burn through your wallet, the new home goods boutique, Suite Pieces (162 Huron St), is the latest addition to Greenpoint.

The cozy locale has vintage furniture and DIY supplies to give that unique feel to your pad. The products are meticulously curated from vintage card cases, glassware, to reworked tables, chairs, and bureaus. A painted vintage mirror runs $95 while vintage glasses were a few bucks.

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“Sex Below Deck” – Greenpoint’s Newest Cocktail Bar Alameda Delivers

© michael groth for hOmE

Greenpoint is blowin’ up, and we all know it. Case in point: Alameda (195 Franklin St,) opened by design gurus the Haslegrave brothers, is their first brick-and-mortar space. Evan and Oliver’s design company Home is responsible for the interiors of The Manhattan Inn and Paulie Gee’s, so we certainly expected the old-school charm of rustic wood accents and loads of exposed brick in this new space.

Upon first glance, Alameda pops in a way that other Greenpoint examples of the Haslegraves’ work doesn’t. Clean white walls adorned with glossy white tile open the space up infinitely, and are accompanied by nautical detailing in both the light fixtures and molding. In fact, a gentleman seated next to me at the bar remarked that the space felt like it should be on Tatooine. It felt like drinking in the below-deck bar of ship from the future that I was absolutely going to sail upon one day. I felt home.

© michael groth for hOmE

The cocktail list at Alameda is perfectly curated, with several standouts utilizing different liquors in their most elevated incarnations. My personal favorite was the Roberto Burns, a smoky mezcal delight with a generous orange rind strip served over a single ice cube. This drink is like sex below deck.

A friend enjoyed the Pita Amour, a lovely tequila concoction served up with a lime wedge. Petite, clean, and delicious.

The Phil Collins, a gin and Lillet stunner, could’ve nearly been called a salad; it had so many fresh accoutrements, including mint, lemon, and lime. An ideal summertime cocktail, folks, and I trust you won’t forget the name.

The edibles menu pleased us very much, as did the prices. Though a $17 foie gras breakfast sandwich is on offer, most items are more moderately priced around $10. A standout item on the current menu is a roasted fruit and goat cheese sandwich on baguette, the perfect combination of tang, crunch, and tender fruit without the syrupy sweetness of most jams. Along with the $9 cheeseburger (which feels like a grown-up version of In-N-Out,) their killer cocktails, and the spacious bar area and actually comfortable booths we have a winner here. Or, as I have been describing it to all my girlfriends, “our new GPT go-to.”

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