Our homes are sanctuaries from the hustle and bustle of city life. Greenpoint is an especially fun and relaxing respite from the daily grind for many of us with Transmitter Park, cozy bars, and zen coffee houses and blissful yoga and meditation spaces. But, what about your own place?

Enter Light + Ladder. This airy design studio based in Greenpoint crafts pieces that will make your home feel both relaxing and cool. Check out these 10 picks to transform your house into an oasis.
1. Spora: Set of 3 Ceramic + Leather Planters, $140

2. Ceramic Floor Planter, $620


3. Graphyene Planter + Cutout Tray, $300

4. Parallax Hexagonal Wall Hook, $50

5. Rope Box, $180

6. Hex Spora Ceramic + Maple Planters, $90

7. Ballast Sculptural Ceramic Vessel, $150

8. Spora Ceramic + Leather Ceiling Planter, $250

9. Chromo Tall Self-Watering Planter, $100

10. Hive Airplant Vessel, $108

Light + Ladder 67 West Street, #601. Follow Light + Ladder on Twitter and Instagram.

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