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It’s Happening: Photoplay is Closing TOMORROW!

Readers sadly wrote in to tip us on the news that Greenpoint’s video store Photoplay, on Manhattan Ave for over a decade, is shutting its doors. We popped in a few times hoping to catch owner Michael Sayer’s for confirmation, but were unable to reach him and his loyal staff tried their best to remain mum. But not mum enough because the cat’s out of the bag. Photoplay is closing tomorrow. And according to Bedford & Bowery, there will be no liquidation sale.

A few options: Film Noir (10 Bedford Ave), Videology (308 Bedford Ave) & errr Netflix.

Lament in the comments…

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Video Random Closing Its Doors

And in yet another proverbial “nail in the coffin” on video rental stores, the local mainstay “Video Random” located on Norman Ave (off of Newel St.) is finally closing its doors. The owners, who have always catered to both domestic US tastes as well as those of the neighborhood’s Polish citizens, cite the usual factors in their decision to close up shop such as Netflix and online video streaming services to the failing video rental business model.

Currently, there’s no word as to what business will take the place of Video Random, but you can currently pick up any of their second hand DVD’s for $2 each and their previously rented blu-rays for only $5.

In case you were wondering, their copies of “The Godfather” and Brian DePalma’s “Scarface” were the first movies to go. But on the plus side, you can still pick up that copy of “Beverly Hill’s Chihuaha” on blu-ray that you’ve been meaning to acquire.

The owners were unsure of how long their doors would remain open, but they estimated they would still be there for at least two weeks.

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