It’s Happening: Photoplay is Closing TOMORROW!

Readers sadly wrote in to tip us on the news that Greenpoint’s video store Photoplay, on Manhattan Ave for over a decade, is shutting its doors. We popped in a few times hoping to catch owner Michael Sayer’s for confirmation, but were unable to reach him and his loyal staff tried their best to remain mum. But not mum enough because the cat’s out of the bag. Photoplay is closing tomorrow. And according to Bedford & Bowery, there will be no liquidation sale.

A few options: Film Noir (10 Bedford Ave), Videology (308 Bedford Ave) & errr Netflix.

Lament in the comments…

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  1. throwbot says:


    between this and Big D Stores, I’m not sure what’s worse.

  2. B Hearst says:

    Greenpoint will never be able to fill the Photoplay void. Their closure marks the end of a great era for this neighborhood.

  3. Angela says:

    This is very sad. They are so great and have EVERYTHING.

  4. Gabe says:

    I’m upset. I loved this place. Loved Michael. One of the few places left that curates great film. Mourning the loss of being in a store and talking with like minded people about things you love and discovering new ideas.

    Micheal was always positive, never scoffed at the guilty pleasure popcorn movie. Was honest about his opinions but never put you down. And this guy knew everything. I’ve lived around the corner for eight years.

    I’m genuinely crushed to read this.

    Good luck Michael!!

  5. Johnnyboy says:

    Such a bummer. I was just in there, sign on the front says closing thursday, and they are selling all the new releases for 6.99, I bought a ton of stuff. So sad that this place will be gone in a couple days.

  6. Photoplay neighbor says:


  7. siobhan says:

    such a loss to the neighborhood. michael and his crew are the best, and i will dearly miss seeing them on a regular basis.

  8. Joe says:

    This neighborhood is over.

  9. Jon says:

    Absolute tragedy for the neighborhood. Very, very sorry to see it go.

  10. so blue says:

    Say it ain’t so! Photoplay is a unique and special place in the city. The owner, a former Film Forum organizer, is a kind and knowledgeable person whose employees are most helpful at digging through this treasure-trove film selection. Awe man, such a loss.


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