Brooklyn Waggers Gives Your Pet a Great Summer Stay-cation!


Fido makes a new friend through Brooklyn Waggers while you're on vacation!
The winter from hell is finally over, and for many New Yorkers, the travel fantasies that got us through the snow-pocalypse are about to come true. But where do our pets fit into our summer vacation plans? Brooklyn Waggers can provide an answer. Continue reading

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Christmas Staycation, Brooklyn Style

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It’s that time of year, when everyone you know heads to the suburbs to hang out with their parents and open lots of presents and reminisce about simpler childhood times. Either that or they’re headed to Miami to make us all jealous with Instagram pictures of the beach.

But while they’re getting tan and cozy, we have the city all to ourselves– from the born and bred New Yorkers to the ones who couldn’t afford an overpriced flight home, we make up the rag tag band of stragglers left to fend for ourselves in the metropolis over Christmas.

But, it’s really not half-bad.  If you avoid the tourist top spots and head to some off-the-beaten-path activities, your NYC Christmas Staycation can be truly magical. Get ready for the NYC Christmas that makes Home Alone 2 look like a snore. Continue reading

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Brooklyn Staycation #1

We live in the best borough in the world! Instead of spending money on a plane ticket, we decided to take a much needed staycation in Brooklyn. Hotel Williamsburg was generous to sponsor Greenpointers for a two night stay, while we toured the area.
We were tempted to lock ourselves in the hotel room and listen to records all weekend. The gigantic plush king size bed was a main attraction and we found ourselves making giant Xs and saying, “I miss you, where are you?” The window from the bedroom into the bathroom made urinating very interesting and the view of McCarren Park’s red tailed hawk pair was a score!
We had an intinerary, not a very ambitious one. The beauty of the staycation is you don’t have to fit it all in because there is always next weekend.

Friday night we took the East River Ferry over to Dumbo for a nostalgic ride on Jane’s Carousel. There isn’t a better view of Brooklyn than from the ferry and there isn’t a better spot for an old timey carousel than under the Brooklyn Bridge, which is housed in a modern glass building. And $2 per ride makes this a great budget attraction. Continue reading

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