Fido makes a new friend through Brooklyn Waggers while you're on vacation!
The winter from hell is finally over, and for many New Yorkers, the travel fantasies that got us through the snow-pocalypse are about to come true. But where do our pets fit into our summer vacation plans? Brooklyn Waggers can provide an answer.

In a perfect world our furry friends would accompany us on all the season’s adventures (why wouldn’t FluffyDog want to see Europe?) Alas, there are plenty of vacation destinations where cats, dogs and other non-human kids just cannot go. For those getaways — from beach day-trips to long international jaunts — pet parents have several options when it comes to arranging care for their beloved animals. While boarding or sending your buddy to stay with a friend can be viable choices, often the best and most hassle-free solution is to give your cat or dog a stay-cation with a private pet-sitter who will lavish him or her with plenty of play time and cuddles.

“Staying at home where everything is quiet and familiar, [pets] are much less likely to be stressed or upset by their owners being out of town,” said Megan Hall of Greenpoint-based Brooklyn Waggers, which offers dog walking and in-home dog and cat sitting, including overnight stays, throughout the borough. “They’ll get to sleep in their own beds, walk the streets they are familiar with and have [a sitter] caring for them personally, versus being in a facility where there might be only one person at night caring for many dogs all at once.”

Hall, who has more than five years of experience caring for cats and dogs, also shared some essential prep tips for ensuring your pet has the best stay-cation ever. For more information or to arrange walks or in-home care for your dog or cat, visit brooklynwaggers.com.

When building your relationship with a pet caretaker, Brooklyn Waggers suggests the following:


-Give whomever is going to be caring for your pet as much notice as possible to ensure that someone will be available for all the days you will be gone. Especially keep this in mind for holiday weekends as those dates will get booked a lot quicker.

-Schedule a meet-and-greet with your pet-sitter (Brooklyn Waggers takes care of that when you sign up for services) and be sure to tell the sitter about all of your pet’s lovable quirks, including favorite toys, likes and dislikes, training issues, etc.

-Stock up on plenty of the food and treats your pet eats regularly, not just to make it easier for your pup or kitty’s caretaker, but to keep your pet happy and healthy. This is especially important for animals with allergies or other health issues.

Happy travels from Brooklyn Waggers and your pet!

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