The Hook-Up (6/30)

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The HÜ[email protected] An Inflatable Pean To Hyper-Connectedness

The warehouse space the size of Rhode Island that served as mothership for the Northside Festival was the perfect place to first experience TheHÜB.

A striking modern sculpture and interacting (as opposed to interactive) space where participants of E[email protected] could take a seat, drink free beverages, ask each other a million questions, check out trending topics, or be accosted by a blogger in search of quotes, TheHÜB calls attention to a need we didn’t know we had: The need to look up from social media and speak directly to the people around us more often (even if they appear to not be very into it at first).

When those people around us are obsessed with the same things we are it isn’t hard. Peter Raymond, the organizer of TheHÜB, says about Northside, “What we did was host impromptu gatherings and after speaking engagements. It was received very well and we have been invited to as far as Jordan and Greece to exhibit.”

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Updates: Greenpointers on Speed

Since much of the reason we were able to afford this brand spanking new website is because of community support, business sponsorship and generous fundraising, I’d like to keep everyone in the loop about what is going on with our big baby!

You might have noticed after we launched that the website was running slowly. Thanks for your patience while we sorted out this issue!

Problem solved: With the help of CommandC, we migrated the website to a new and super fast server. There was a significant cost ($655!) to complete this. If you love the website and want to chip in, please make a donation to our new website fund. Any amount (even $1) helps.

In order to figure out why the website was at a snail’s pace, a significant time was spent testing it. If you want to geek out for a minute (this is super valuable to anyone who has a website or blog), here is what the web geniuses explained:

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Warning: This blog post is super nerdy.

This past week I attended a Social Media Workshop. The workshop was mostly an eye opener but at times a snoozer. The most ironic part was there was no wi-fi! Which may have been intentional because all the time spent doodling would have been spent on Instagram.

Don’t have Instagram yet? Get it! There is a reason that Facebook just bought it for $1 billion: because it is the best photo sharing app ever, and I sincerely hope they will leave excellent alone, but my hopes are low considering timeline.

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