Warning: This blog post is super nerdy.

This past week I attended a Social Media Workshop. The workshop was mostly an eye opener but at times a snoozer. The most ironic part was there was no wi-fi! Which may have been intentional because all the time spent doodling would have been spent on Instagram.

Don’t have Instagram yet? Get it! There is a reason that Facebook just bought it for $1 billion: because it is the best photo sharing app ever, and I sincerely hope they will leave excellent alone, but my hopes are low considering timeline.

A few interesting tid-bits to share for all of you who should be out enjoying the sunshine but instead are on your computers caring about SEO (search engine optimization):


1. After Google, Youtube is the biggest search engine! (old news, new to me.) Makes sense: users seek how-to videos and of course endless entertainment. Greenpoint is the DIYers mecca. Expect more videos from us…

2. Facebook does not index your posts, meaning when you throw up a link, it does zero for your SEO, but Google+ does. And while Google+ seems boring, a lot of people are using it. I have been dabbling and it’s not so bad, except it feels a little lonely.

3. After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is third most popular social media website. Pinterest is like an online scrapbook or inspiration board. Mostly women use it (97%) because men cringe at the word scrapbook.

Now for something quite demented looking: my Social Media Map, which I drew on a napkin. It still gives me a headache to look at and it needs some updating…

That was the long and nerdy way for me to present to you Week Links. As bloggers, we are basically virtual hoarders, which is why managing all these social media outlets gives us major agida. (Italian heartburn.)  The week in link post will bring it all together, in case (GOD FORBID!) you missed something out there in the social media wilderness.

Week Links 4/14
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Urban Ecologist – Moss Graffiti

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