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“Abandoned” Van Parked for More Than One Year Across From Greenpoint Middle School, Neighbors Say

The Chevy van in question

UPDATE: The 94th Precint towed the van on Wednesday.

An “abandoned” chevy van with New Jersey plates and an expired inspection has been parked for over one year across from John Ericsson Middle School (424 Leonard St) on Manhattan Avenue between Newton and Bayard streets where it has accumulated multiple citations, Greenpoint residents claim.

The van’s inspection expired in 2017.

“It is incredibly sketchy, especially because it’s near a school,” said a woman who lives in a building near where the van is parked. “There is a mattress in the back, and sometimes I’ve seen the back door ajar,” she wrote to Greenpointers stating her concern for the proximity of the van to the middle school.

Tickets have accumulated on the van’s windshield, an online search shows 10 unpaid tickets since March 2018.

An online search shows that the black chevy van has 10 unpaid tickets mostly for street sweeping violations totaling $620 dating back to March 2018. The Greenpoint woman claims that multiple neighbors have reported the van to 311 and the 94th Precinct: Continue reading

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Misplaced Street Signs, Concerned Citizens Meeting Part 2, and G Train Serenades – The Hook-Up 09/30

Community activist and organizer Emily Gallagher meets with concerned Greenpointers Thursday night at the Park Church Co-op (129 Russell St.) The meeting was the second such session for citizens to discuss recent incidents and formulate plans to combat a rise in alleged recent assaults and robberies.

If your train isn’t going to show up you might as well write a catchy song about it like this Brooklyn R&B trio did!

Well, this is literally a bad sign. The city finally removed a “Meserole Avenue” street sign they had erroneously placed in Williamsburg earlier this month.

Polish Pride takes center stage this Sunday in Manhattan during the 79th annual Pulaski Day Parade!

Wondering about the status of the long-promised 27-acre Bushwick Inlet Park!? Friends of Bushwick Park Inlet is hosting an informational “Meet Up at Greenpoint Beer and Ale” (7 N. 15th St.) on Wednesday, October 5 at 7:00pm. Continue reading

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