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Call For Filmmakers: Greenpoint Film Festival (Deadline: 5/15)

Calling all filmmakers! The regular submissions deadline for the 3rd Annual Greenpoint Film Festival, happening this Fall, is May 15, 2013. Submissions are open to filmmakers locally and globally. Categories for consideration are Narrative, Documentary, Experimental and Animated. The late submission deadline is June 15, 2013.

Click here to view rules and details and to submit your work.

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Submissions Now Open For Greenpoint Film Festival

Attention local filmmakers!

The third annual Greenpoint Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its 2013 event.

This year’s festival, which returns this Fall, is looking for film in the following categories:  Experimental/ Avant-Garde, Narrative, Documentary & Animation.

Last year’s four day festival was a hit and brought together a great variety of films, including several intimate stories that covered many of the concerns and landmarks of our neighborhood and the emotional struggle of urban life.

You’ve got until March 31, 2013 to submit your own film, so don’t delay.   Click here for more information and submission guidelines.

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Greenpoint Film Festival Day 3: Community, Environment and Tom Jarmusch

In what was an inspired choice of venue, day three of the Greenpoint Film Festival took place at the Newtown Creek Visitors Center with a selection of environmentally and community themed documentaries. Opening the program was the must-see “The Domino Effect” – a very timely chronicle of the ongoing saga of the former sugar plant along the Williamsburg waterfront which was part of the city’s planned rezoning efforts to turn the facility into luxury and “affordable” housing.

Assemblyman Joe Lentol speaks at the Q&A following the screening for "The Domino Effect" at the Greenpoint Film Festival (photo by M. Glasson)

Continue reading

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Greenpoint Film Festival Day Two: The Millennium Nomadic Program

On Friday, the Millennium Film Workshop, an artists’ film collaborative based out of the East Village, guest-curated the Greenpoint Film Festival’s program with a host of bold and striking experimental short films under the banner of the “Millennium Nomadic Program.” I’m of the opinion that any attempts to describe experimental shorts kind of defeats the purpose of their existence: they exist outside the conventions that we come to expect from short-form content in order that they challenge the aesthetic experience of the viewer and yesterday’s works were no exception.

Millenium Nomadic Panel discussion from the Greenpoint Film Festival's Experimental Shorts program

There was a panel discussion with members from the collaborative including Tom Jarmusch (yes, brother of that other, more famous Jarmusch) that touched on the group’s mission, their struggle to keep their current space, and the importance of providing the resources for anyone to explore the film and video medium as a primary function to its society.  It was an illuminating and refreshingly frank discussion, and one that has inspired myself to sign up as a member. In addition to offering wonderful resources to its members (it’s not every day you can book time on an optical printer or have the opportunity physically edit 16mm film), the Millenium Film Workshop provides several different courses to equip its members with the skills needed for them to explore their own voices within the medium.

Tom Jarmusch’s experimental documentary, Sometimes City, is playing in today’s GFF program at 5:30 PM at 186 Huron Street.  For more information on the Millennium Film Workshop, check out their website.

Greenpoint Film Festival Schedule & Program

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Opening Night of The Greenpoint Film Festival

Last night was the opening night celebration of The Greenpoint Film Festival which took place at the Greenpoint Garage on Huron Street off of Manhattan Ave. The festival kicked off with a standing-room only screening of the documentary “Deaf Jam” about a deaf girl (Aneta Brodski) who gets involved with performing ASL poetry in her high school. It was a highly effective film in exploring and giving a voice to those who are stripped of their basic sense of hearing and their struggles to find their own voice through performing signed poetry.

Festival Director Rosa Valado introduces the festival's first film, "Deaf Jam"

A Q&A followed the screening, which was simultaneously being signed to the audience, many of whom were deaf themselves. The film’s subject, the beautiful and passionate Aneta Brodski, was also in attendance and she was signing her answers and stories to an interpereter who would speak for her. It was a fascinating experience and one that I will not likely forget anytime soon.

Deaf Jam filmmaker Judy Lieff (center) and subject Aneta Brodski (right) during the Q&A following the screening

The festival is playing through Sunday, Sept. 23. For schedules and showtimes, go to their website

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Contributor Matt Glasson’s Film “Love Stalker” at Greenpoint Film Festival

You unfriended him on facebook, changed your phone number, moved to a new apartment and he still doesn’t get it. Unrequited love is a hard pill to swallow. It’s only stalking when you don’t want him to show up on your doorstep with roses or surprise you when you’re out with your friends. But all that does sound romantic in a different light, doesn’t it?

Maybe you have been the stalker and didn’t know it until you were sitting outside of his house in your car watching him leave for work, and it just hits you, “I’m the stalker!” Continue reading

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Greenpoint Film Festival - Documentary Newtown

The 2nd Annual Greenpoint Film Festival begins this Thursday September 20, 2012 (186 Huron St) with a 6pm Opening Reception, a 7pm screening of Judy Lieff’s Deaf Jam, a look into the world of American Sign Language (ASL) Slam Poetry, followed by a Q&A with the director and an after party.

Screening continues Friday through Sunday at two locations: 186 Huron St & 329 Greenpoint Ave.

GFF Tickets prices range from $7 (single program) – $50 (All Festival Pass)

Aside from a full program, there is a Community Program on Saturday at 12pm that features The Domino Effect, a politically charged investigative documentary about the controversial plan to transform the Domino Sugar factory that includes conversations with longtime residents to reveal the impact gentrification has had on the community of North Brooklyn.

More screenings that hit home during the Environmental Program on Saturday at 2pm (329 Greenpoint Ave) include Leitner’s Newtown Creek Digester Eggs: The Art of Human Waste, followed by Newtown, in which director Choi exposes the history and realities behind the Greenpoint Oil Spill.

Which screenings will you be attending during the Greenpoint Film Festival?

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Greenpoint Film Festival Needs to Raise $2000 by Tuesday!

One of our favorite community art events, the Greenpoint Film Festival, needs to raise $10,000 by Tuesday August 21, 2012. They are almost there after raising over $8,000. A few more generous donations will get their campaign funded by kickstarter. If you want to see the Greenpoint Film Festival happen this year, then take a minute to make a donation in any amount.

On behalf of we just donated $120!

Please take a minute (it’s so easy!) to pledge any contribution amount to make this fun event happen!

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Greenpoint Film Festival Sunset Party Cruise: June 21st

I was honored to be invited to be a member of the hosting committee for the Greenpoint Film Festival, one of Greenpoint’s newest community art events. With all the filming on our streets everyday, what better place to have a film festival! And what better place to have our first meeting than Christina’s Polish Restaurant. Yes, I will have pierogis and blintzes for breakfast, thanks!

We got to talking and one of my jobs is to help get people on board the Sunset Cruise Fundraising Party on June 21st, which will be on an East River Ferry boat! Every time I ride to the city I think to myself, this place would be perfect for a great party! And here we have it, for a great cause. Not only will be cruising down the East River, enjoying the amazing views on each side, but there will be great music, film projections, plus food and drink, courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery, Paulie Gee’s, The Garden, No. 7 Sub Shop & many more! Tickets cost $120, buy them now. (if you think it’s pricey, think how easy it is to blow $120… on dumb crap!)

After the cruise, we will head over to the after party at The End, for more amazing music by Kid Savant. (pssst… he’s famous.) If you skip the cruise, you can buy tickets for the after party at the door, for $25.

I don’t know why you are still reading this and not buying tickets! See you on deck!

More info. Buy Tickets.

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