Green Street

The Surprising Artistic History of Green Street

Appearances can be deceiving, especially on Green Street. It is hard to imagine that this stereotypical Greenpoint street, with its many wood frame houses and former factories ever contributed to American art, but art created on Green Street is on display in some of the major American museums.

Green Street and Manhattan Avenue circa 1929

At the East end of Greenpoint, 275 Green St. was home to the Roman Bronze Works until it was destroyed by fire in the 1920’s. The founder of the works created America’s only art foundry that employed the lost wax technique, and many of America’s most iconic bronze sculptures were cast there.

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The Greenpointer Who Led a Prison Break from Sing-Sing

Charles Bergstrom

For years his wanted poster had hung in the Meserole Avenue Police station, but there was not a trace of Charles Bergstrom to be found. Bergstrom was wanted for being an accomplice in the worst prison break in Sing Sing history. He had become a wanted man for helping three of his buddies to break out of the maximum-security prison, and four people had lost their lives as a result of the breakout.
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Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #2: Green Street

Green Street is filled with adventures that await

It’s still raining, but you don’t care. You want art and you want it now. We feel the same way—just follow our Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #2 for a surefire adventure. Continue reading

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Fatal Motorcycle Crash on Manhattan & Green

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Yesterday at 4pm (3/9) Jorge Rios, 47, was riding his motorcycle northbound on Manahattan Ave when he hit a car near Green Street. He passed away at Bellevue shortly after.  The driver of the vehicle is not expected to face charges, according to the Daily News.  Rios was from Queens.

This accident happened only two blocks away from the site of another fatal motorcycle crash that happened last August. The victim was 18.

This only heightens the need for safer driving/traffic regulations in Greenpoint, especially after we were already identified (with Williamsburg) as the site of the most traffic-related deaths in 2013. Continue reading

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Greenpoint Gift Guide: G-Spot

First up for the 2010 holiday Greenpoint Gift Guide is the fairly new G Spot. Last month they had their opening and already they are shaping up to be one of my favorite spots. 😉

I *love* these Garden Spot flag mugs. Old school peeps from the ‘hood will know the history of the flag so it makes a great gift for parents or grandparents who might’ve moved from the neighborhood but still reminisce about the ‘pernt.

Ideal for your punk bitch brother or your hipster boyfriend is the Banned in Greenpoint shirt. A rework of a classic punk album by the Bad Brains and features our favorite recycling plant, it’s available on black and gold shirts for just $25.

The G-Spot has much more to offer in the way of affordable art and design made by local artists. Everything in the store is under $200 and they have a lot of things for under $25 including t-shirts, letterpress prints, refrigerator magnets, comic books, pint glasses and more.

199 Green Street

Thurs 12-9
Fri 12-5

Sat 12-7
Sun 12-7
and by appt.

***The Greenpoint Gift Guide posts are running from November 22nd through Christmas to help you to shop for your gifts locally this season. Check out all the Greenpoint Gift Guide posts here.***
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