Green Street is filled with adventures that await

It’s still raining, but you don’t care. You want art and you want it now. We feel the same way—just follow our Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #2 for a surefire adventure.

START: 125 Green Street    END: 178 West Street

If this is your part of town, get out there & see some art!

First Stop: 125 Green St., #4A, Andy Barrett, drawings + sculptures

©Andy Barrett

Second Stop: 125 Green St., #3J, James Bills, drawings

©James Bills

Third Stop: 125 Green St., #3J, Douglas Goldberg, sculptures

©Douglas Goldberg

Fourth Stop: 125 Green St., #4E, Barbara Schaefer, photography + painting + mixed media

©Barbara Schaefer

Fifth Stop: 97 Green St., #G14, E.S.P. TV,, (E.S.P. TV is “dedicated to promoting the performing and media based arts through direct collaboration with artists via live television production.”)

Cannibal Mecanique at MAD ©ESPTV instagram

Sixth Stop: 222 Franklin St., Anella’s (delicious brunch menu)

Seventh Stop: 72 Green St., 1L, Jay Miriam, painting

"Best Friends Brushing Teeth" ©Jay Miriam

Eighth Stop: 72 Green St., 1L, Zev Rector, painting + drawing

©Zev Rector

Ninth Stop: 178 West Street, #2, Sadie Rebecca Starnes, painting

Aphrodite rising ©Sadie Rebecca Starnes

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