Greenpoint Film Festival Needs to Raise $2000 by Tuesday!

One of our favorite community art events, the Greenpoint Film Festival, needs to raise $10,000 by Tuesday August 21, 2012. They are almost there after raising over $8,000. A few more generous donations will get their campaign funded by kickstarter. If you want to see the Greenpoint Film Festival happen this year, then take a minute to make a donation in any amount.

On behalf of we just donated $120!

Please take a minute (it’s so easy!) to pledge any contribution amount to make this fun event happen!

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5 Boros Basketball Seeks Sponsors

Local Youth Basketball League Seeks Sponsors

5 Boros Basketball, a youth basketball team based in Greenpoint, is currently seeking one or more local businesses to serve as sponsors. 5 Boros Basketball is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit dedicated to offering youths from low-income families a chance to play competative basketball.

“Our motto is, ‘It’s All About the Kids,'” said 5 Boros Basketball Director Rick Atson. “Our goal is to keep this affordable for the kids.”

Founded in 2011, 5 Boros Basketball has quickly established a reputation for winning tournaments while stressing fair play. 5 Boros Basketball’s all-volunteer coaching staff teaches kids ages 9 to 17 the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork and sportsmanship.

5 Boros Basketball has grown rapidly, but rapid expansion means that access to court time and keeping the team financially stable have been major challenges for 5 Boros Basketball. Coaches have regularly paid for court space and tournament fees out of their own pockets in order to defray the cost from the children’s families.

Now 5 Boros Basketball has a tentative agreement with a local school to solve the problem of court time. What remains is to find sponsors to help with operation costs. To that end 5 Boros Basketball is seeking sponsorship offers from partners in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg community including local businesses, charitable individuals and all others.

Interested parties should contact Rick Atson at 347-723-4886. Or email [email protected]

Sponsored post courtesy of

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Updates: Greenpointers on Speed

Since much of the reason we were able to afford this brand spanking new website is because of community support, business sponsorship and generous fundraising, I’d like to keep everyone in the loop about what is going on with our big baby!

You might have noticed after we launched that the website was running slowly. Thanks for your patience while we sorted out this issue!

Problem solved: With the help of CommandC, we migrated the website to a new and super fast server. There was a significant cost ($655!) to complete this. If you love the website and want to chip in, please make a donation to our new website fund. Any amount (even $1) helps.

In order to figure out why the website was at a snail’s pace, a significant time was spent testing it. If you want to geek out for a minute (this is super valuable to anyone who has a website or blog), here is what the web geniuses explained:

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Pie Corps is coming to town!

Pie Corps' Smores Pie

We all wanted Piecorps to have a retail location, and great news: we can look forward to amazing pies come this June in Greenpoint! Piecorps needed to raise funds to buy a new oven and because of community donations they raised via Lucky Ant, they got it. Social media isn’t always evil.
I follow Piecorps on Facebook just to drool at all the amazing pies they come up with. Like Chili Pie with Cornbread Crust or Rhubarb Custard Pie. Good news is you don’t have to wait until the summer to enjoy their delicious pies. You can shop for pies online to be delivered to your front door or visit them on Saturdays at Hester Street Fair (LES) & Stone Barns Center (upstate) or on Sundays at New Amsterdam Market (South Street Seaport). All three Union Markets as well as Gourmet Guild carry their pies.

Greenpointers chatted with Pie Corps.

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Support Good Yoga: Support Your Community

goodyoga’s Indiegogo campaign ends tomorrow. Please donate and support your local community.

Watch the video and donate. Every dollar helps. Sharing the campaign with others makes your donation even more valuable.

Thinking about all the problems in the world makes me feel completely helpless. I used to ask myself, what can I do, as one small (literally short) person, to have any effect on the world? I was left feeling empty and useless.

Then I had a conversation with one small business owner, Anthony, of the since moved Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village, and he changed my outlook. By making responsible choices in our immediate world, by helping just one person, by being good neighbors, we can all have a positive impact on our community. If I recall correctly, we were on the topic of cheese, but even that decision has a chain reaction that impacts the world. Michael Pollan said it best: “change the world one fork at a time.”

My hope is that Greenpointers can be the online voice for all the individuals and organizations in the neighborhood who are working hard every day to have a positive impact on Greenpoint. It is working… one project at a time.

I absolutely love community fundraising. Send me any Indigogo or Kickstarter campaign and I empty my pockets. The perks are always so irresistible! Just last week I got a basket full of pies and some badass fake tattoos to help children in Kenya!

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Eat Pie & Do Yoga: Support Local Businesses

I love community supported fundraising platforms. If you can reach a lot of people, then even donations as little as $5 can really help. Not only are you helping a small business open up in your area, but you have a chance to chose what you want to open up. I love pie and yoga!
Pie Corps makes delicious savory and sweet pies. They sell at Farmer’s Markets and wholesale, but there dream is to open up a retail location with a big shiny new oven and you can help them do it! And do you know what you get if you donate? Pies! This is a no-brainer, people!
Right now they have like 14 hours to raise $3000, and if they don’t raise all the funds, they get zero, nada, zilch. I just donated $25, and am going to get a basket of pie, plus a tote plus an invitation to their opening party! I love parties as much as I love pie!
Click here to read more and donate.

Even nearer and dearer to our hearts is the fundraising campaign for goodyoga. They are trying to buy the building and need your help, otherwise they have to move. That would be a shame because that is such an awesome space and I couldn’t imagine not doing rooftop yoga in the summer. You can learn more and donate here (they have 15 days to raise $20,000!) or buy a ticket to the goodgala on April 27th with food, DJs and prizes. I just bought mine and it looks like a lot of fun!

Support local businesses!

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New launching in April!

The new and improved launches in mid-April!!!

* SAVE THE DATE – CINCO DE MAYO WEBSITE LAUNCH PARTY – May 5, 2012 * •Time/Location: TBD (not the bar.)

Thanks to Command C, the new website is gorgeous, easy to navigate and functional!

New Features:
• Free, User-friendly Calendar – upload your own events!
• Free, Neighborhood Directorysubmit a listing!
• Dedicated spot for local charities
• Dedicated spot for local pet rescue

What you can do:
• Submit a listing to the directory
• Add events to the calendar
• Send me info on your charity (include name, logo & website)
• Keep me updated on Pet Lost & Found & Adoptions


I want to thank everyone who has participated in our events and the local businesses who have sponsored Greenpointers. Thanks to the many contributors who create great content that makes the website awesome!

Since I took over, each penny I have generated through events, raffles, classes and advertising has gone to the new website fund!

Meet me halfway.  If you love and value the service we provide to the local community, then please make a donation to the new website fund! Any amount greatly helps! $1, $5, $10 – $100 – we accept donations in any amount.

(I considered doing a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, but I’d rather focus on creating fun events and good content than making mugs and t-shirts. I hope the content and community service we provide is enough of a “perk” for you to donate.)

The fundraising drive ends with a Cinco De Mayo Party on May 5, 2012! Details to come… (two words: MAJOR DANCE-PARTY!!!)

Any donation over $10 will automatically be entered into our raffle! (You don’t have to be there to win.) Local businesses, please consider donating to the raffle!

I want to thank everyone for making Greenpoint awesome! It is really a pleasure and honor to work on this website.

More info: email me greenpointers (at)

Interested in advertising? Email me at greenpointers (at) for current ad rates.
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Poker Unleashed: 5.23.11

Poker Unleashed has their next game date set at Veronica People’s Club, so if you’re looking to brush up your skills, get registered ASAP!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the last game – we raised nearly $500 for Dog Habitat! We hope you can join us for the next Poker Unleashed to help fundraise for Dog Habitat, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and ultimately placing dogs in the right, loving homes.

The Deal:
– 20 to 30 person Texas Holdem tournament
– Start with 3000 in chips, re-buys for 1 hour
– $100 buy-in ($25 donated to Dog Habitat)
– Top 3 in the money

7:30pm Registration
8:00pm Shuffle Up and Deal

You must RSVP to [email protected] for a guaranteed seat and confirmation to the game.

Monday, May 23, 2011
Poker Unleashed at Veronica People’s Club
105 Franklin Street

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Poker Unleashed: 4.18.11

Another Poker Unleashed event is coming up in a couple of weeks, so get yourself registered lickety split if you want to rake in the dough as a poker champ. As always, the $100 buy-in helps benefit Dog Habitat Rescue. Facebook event here.

They are also looking for volunteers to help for a huge Game Night Japan Fundraiser. Please email [email protected] if you might be interested in volunteering.

Poker Unleashed
MUST RSVP to [email protected]
at Veronica People’s Club
105 Franklin Street

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Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Received a really interesting email this morning from Aaron who is proposing a really fantastic summer event for the Greenpoint waterfront area called Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

Brooklyn night bazaar

We are embarking on an ambitious “Night Bazaar” this coming summer, right on the Greenpoint waterfront. Please see the description below:

The Bazaar will be an outdoor summer event held at night and showcasing hundreds of New York’s most inspired and creative independent vendors, artists, musicians and chefs. The Bazaar will be comprised of the following sections:

● Marketplace of over 200 diverse, specially selected vendors to display their arts and crafts, antiques, new and vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, prints, architectural salvage, among many others. This area would also serve as a promotional venue for local community
and not-for-profit organizations;
● Food vendor court exhibiting New York’s prolific independent
culinary talent;
● Beer and wine garden featuring local area breweries, and varietals;
● Performance space showcasing emerging New York area musicians and DJs.

Where: The Bazaar is slated to take place on the Greenpoint, Brooklyn waterfront, overlooking a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline. The Bazaar is a short walk from subways, bus routes, bike lanes and features a large parking lot for vehicle bound traffic. Just announced is a new ferry from Manhattan and Long Island City which will dock a few blocks from the site.

When: Friday and Saturday nights, between 5:00 PM and 2:00 AM, from May to October, 2011.

Demographics: The Bazaar will attract thousands of 16 to 45 year olds
from the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods and throughout New York City who enjoy vibrant community gathering spaces with live music, warm ambiance and great times.

Our goal is to provide an inexpensive platform for local independent
artists and chefs to test their creations on their New York community.

Please check out our just launched Kickstarter site for a little more information.

I have to say that this sounds A-FUCKING-MAZING to me. And I’m thrilled to be a part of sponsoring it. Right now they’re in the final stages and it just seems like such an awesome, awesome opportunity for the community, vendors and pretty much the whole neighborhood. I for one am very, very excited and hope to see it succeed immensely.

I’ll definitely be talking about this more…

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