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6 Exotic Ingredients You Should Try Cooking With


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Blue Apron offers fresh ingredients and great recipes delivered weekly to your home.

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Admit it. Sometimes you find yourself in a fancy grocery store, staring at a fruit you can’t name or a sauce you can’t pronounce. You think to yourself, What would I even do with this? Will I ever be the kind of person that knows how to use star anise in a recipe?

Blue Apron makes learning about new (and delicious) ingredients fun. Their weekly recipes are designed to introduce you to new flavors while gently showing you your way around the kitchen. Best of all, these fresh ingredients from small farms and specialty vendors are shipped to you without a grocery store mark-up. That means the ingredients are more affordable, you don’t buy more than you need, and you won’t spend an hour trying to find them in your local gourmet supermarkets. And if you sign up now, you’ll receive two free meals on your first order. Continue reading

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Farm to Baby: Gift Guide (Greenpointers Discount)

Christmas is like a giant birthday party for the world’s most famous baby (sorry, Kate Middleton’s baby, JC has you beat). And Hanukkah makes it eight times as difficult to shop for the people you love. Plus babies are so hard to shop for! This holiday season, solve breakfast, lunch and dinner by giving your favorite babies the gift of fresh food. Their moms and dads will thank you!

Farm to Baby

Farm to Baby makes fresh food for babies and toddlers and delivers right to your door, year-round!

Greenpointers get $25 off 1 week’s worth of food by entering GREENPOINTERS at checkout! 

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