Greenpointers Exclusive: The DieHipster Interview

Meet Jaime Kimpo, the true identity of the notorious Die Hipster.

After months of sleuthing, we have finally tracked down the king of the anti-hipster movement, only to have found a queen, a hipster queen at that. I met up with the Die Hipster at her favorite cafe on 17th Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.


GP: So, wow, I’m a little bit in shock here. You appear to me as a young, creative, Brooklyn type. What many may call a hipster, is that a fair assessment?

Die Hipster: I’m not a f—ing hipster, I’m from New York.

GP: So only hipsters come from outside of New York?

DH: (smirk; eye roll)

GP: Ok, so you started writing the Die Hipster blog over six years ago. You must have been like 12 years old, how did you even know about hipsters and this lifestyle that you wrote so much against?

DH: I have four older brothers, one in IT, who helped me start it out. It really was started by my middle brother, Jimmy, but he didn’t enjoy the attention like I did. It was never about writing quality journalism anyways.

GP: I guess you’re right, now that I think about it, it was quite juvenile writing, but you really touched on some emotional issues and certainly hit some serious nerves with people. In September 2010, you wrote a post making fun of a “hipster” girl who got killed on her bike. You even went as far as saying that you looked forward to seeing her sister and mother also run over by a bus.

DH: That’s not a question.

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Write Your Name: DieHipster I’m Talking To You!

Recently Greenpointers has been the target of hate comments and threatening emails – all because a post about Glow in The Dark Kickball in McCarren Park was picked up by DieHipster.com – a blog with an anonymous author whose hateful and violent posts incite anger in his readers which manifests in deplorable commentary on that blog and on Greenpointer.com. It’s only a joke until somebody gets hurt.

Unless you back up your hate speech and commentary with a real name – you are COWARDS. If you are so ashamed of your own words that you cannot even reveal your identity, then you should take a good look at what your saying. In the mean time, what you say means NOTHING. Stop the mindless comments – I will not post them.

And no offense ladies. The picture said it.

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