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Big Welcome to Vittles Cafe!

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Samantha Hew and Anthony Piliaskas believe in evolving spaces and snacks. From Bembe to 3 Roots, both have successfully sustained businesses while layering the neighborhood with innovative adaptations. Their newest collaboration, Vittles Cafe (94 Franklin St), is a vibrant testament to 9 years of friendship and belief that food should be positive and rooted in love and community.

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Nestled at Oak and Franklin, the treats – vittles – deliver scrumptious aromas and flavor. Vegans, omnivores, health nuts, and meat-ers will want to indulge in the mouthwatering menu and caffeine addicts will be delighted by the drinks list.  Highlights include Toby’s Estate espresso, egg & cheese on a biscuit, Australian hot milo, cornmeal rolls, Thai vegan banh mi, Barista’s specialty, kaya butter toast and potato curry puffs.
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5 Greenpoint Dishes to Defeat Your Cold

Break up that cold. (Photo by Anthony Quintano from Hillsborough, NJ, "Breaking The Ice On The Hudson River With United States Coast Guard Cutter Hawser" https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30566935)
Break up that polar vortex cold. Photo by Anthony Quintano from Hillsborough, NJ, “Breaking The Ice On The Hudson River With United States Coast Guard Cutter Hawser,” via Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30566935.

Fever, cough, red and runny nose, strong desire to never leave your couch … sound familiar?

If you live in New York City — or anywhere where it’s cold, really — the answer is probably yes. Whether you’re already under the weather, or you feel a cold coming on, one of the best ways to fuel your road to recovery is with food. Here are five of the best spots in Greenpoint to crunch, munch, and sip your way to better health. Continue reading

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Eat Green in Greenpoint: Local Vegan Awareness Day (06/21)


Have you been thinking of cutting down on your meat intake but not sure where to start? Been trying to cut out dairy but feel too limited in your options? A great new local event could help set you on the right track.

Eat Green in Greenpoint is a vegan awareness day for Greenpoint hosted by Veg Corp (of the NY Vegetarian Food Festival) and will take place on Saturday 21st June between 9am-8pm. Continue reading

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“Feed Your Body What It Needs, It Gives You Back What You Want” A Chat With Samantha Hew of 3 Roots Juice Bar in Greenpoint

While on a daily Greenpoint exploration I stumbled into the recently opened, 3 Roots (159 Franklin St). Not only did I discover a deliciously fermented beverage similar to Kombucha called Jun served in 3 test tubes, I met former investment banking slash fashion world survivor Samantha Hew, who escaped the corporate world and found her purpose in opening a juice bar in Greenpoint.

I don’t know if it was the Jun or the heart to heart with Samantha that left me with a pep in my step and a sense of inspiration. There is a particular electric-like quality in Samantha that I’ve noticed in others who risk it all and pursue their passion. And it’s contagious.

Samantha chatted us about dietary choices and life:

Greenpointers: What is your favorite comfort food?
Samantha: My very own chicken soup. I put lots of spice and herbs so it’s the best soup that you can buy anywhere!

Greenpointers: Why call it 3 Roots?
Samantha: I have two lovely sisters and we are three girls in the fam, hence the number three. As for Roots, that’s just a kool sexy word and I want 3 ‘ROOTS’ to be the place where my life can begin to unfold and grown deeply as a woman.

Greenpointers: What was life like before 3 Roots? Why open a health cafe?
Samantha: I was in the corporate world, slaved for several fashion companies and investment banks, ten years of my life doing something I didn’t enjoy doing at all. Why not a health cafe? I have a culinary degree from the famous French Culinary Institue, 2005. My heart has always been with food and the kitchen.

Greenpointers: Is there a specific dietary philosophy behind 3 Roots?
Samantha: I believe in moderation and balance. There is no one diet for anyone, much less one way to do anything in life. Simply put, you feed your body what it needs, it gives you what you want and 3 Roots is here to create that partnership. You and your body.

It is a big world out there. I am always inspired by all different kinds of cultural diets from French to Indian. 3 Roots definitely has ayurvedic influence, thanks to the manager of 3 Roots, Jess Lee. She has taught me all about ayurvedic teaching. Continue reading

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