By Melissa Prentki

A Violet Grows in Greenpoint

Things are shakin’ up on the west end of Manhattan Ave! Known for its host of bars, bodegas, and Polish markets, the bustling avenue is now quickly becoming a locus for vintage and contemporary fashions.  Within the span of one month, two boutiques celebrated their grand openings. In June, Line and Label opened up next to Enids. In July, Jade Ezien’s dreams for her daughter unfurled with her namesake boutique, Violet Pepper.

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New Bar, Grand Ferry, Opens Tonight

Photo by Eddy Vallante

If you have any relationship with The Richardson—albeit it a one-nighter, Grand Ferry (229 Kent Ave) will feel strangely, wonderfully, familiar. And that’s because co-founders Jon Derosa and Joel Lee Kulp—as well as the staff, are transplants from Greenpoint’s popular speakeasy. Located on Kent Ave in Williamsburg, this waterfront tavern is inspired by a ferry that docked nearby until 1918.

Dig old stuff? If you are an antique nut like me, you will appreciate that the mirrors, prints, and resident mermaid (who exists as a sculpture and is printed on Grand Ferry’s matchbox) all hail from Kulp’s treks to the Mecca of antique fairs—Brimfield. Lining the walls are early 20th century prints of the East River—including one of the East River bridge, now known as the Williamsburg Bridge. Continue reading

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