Things are shakin’ up on the west end of Manhattan Ave! Known for its host of bars, bodegas, and Polish markets, the bustling avenue is now quickly becoming a locus for vintage and contemporary fashions.  Within the span of one month, two boutiques celebrated their grand openings. In June, Line and Label opened up next to Enids. In July, Jade Ezien’s dreams for her daughter unfurled with her namesake boutique, Violet Pepper.

 “What I love about owning a store in Greenpoint is that there is no ‘bad-blood’. When I started here, I was really inspired by the number of female business owners leading successful shops in the neighborhood.”

Working previously as a buyer for Dalaga, Jade has not only developed a keen eye for emerging fashion trends—she has also cultivated close relationships with many resident shop owners. In fact, a number of the fixtures in Violet Pepper come from local artists, like the ponderosa pine clothing racks from furniture designer, Caleb Engstrom.


Violet Pepper’s well-curated selection reflects styles very hot in North Brooklyn—including high-low tunics, drop shoulder tops, and unexpected details—like eyelets and embroidery. Jade’s collection also features jewelry crafted by local designer, Carolyn Ahearn as well as Erica Weiner.

However, what really sets Violet Pepper apart are the PRICES. Excited to offer variety, quality, and affordability with her pieces, Jade shares: “I love all the 99cent stores on Manhattan Ave!” And indeed, Jade has tactfully integrated a stylish shop among them that is both vibrant and inclusive. From endlessly wearable, 100% cotton tees to tie-and-knot sweaters that effortlessly make a statement—nothing on the racks exceeds $120 (so far). Accessories are also insanely affordable. An embossed-leather clutch from Portland-based designer Ann-Ya goes for—drum roll— $60.

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