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Ellie R is a British journalist and fiction writer living in Greenpoint. She has previously written for the Guardian, London Evening Standard and Independent.

In Anticipation of Summer: Cocktail-Making at Glasserie

I attempt the Honeydew
I attempt the Honeydew (I am a lot happier than I look, I promise!)

Now that summer is (nearly) here, you’ll be needing some extra-cooling beverages.

Glasserie – mostly known as purveyors of spectacular lamb sandwiches and spicy tomato stew (I’m working my way through their brunch menu) – organized a special private cocktail class Thursday, where we were able to try some of their refreshing Summer drinks (and learn a thing or two about the cocktail business). Continue reading

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Want Your (Public) Soil Tested?

No heavy metals here please! Photo by D Sharon Pruitt
No heavy metals here please! Photo by D Sharon Pruitt


Chromium? Cadmium? Nickel? Lead? Arsenic…? These heavy metals are not great things to have lurking in the soil at high levels, especially if you’re an avid gardener or have kids playing in the yard. (When I was little, I made mud pies – arsenic pies don’t sound so great.)

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Brand to Watch: BANGS Shoes


Oh, Greenpoint. The weather’s been so on-and-off you’ve been looking more like Graypoint.

Here’s something to add vibrancy to any further dull days. We can’t promise to actually make the sun stay out (fingers crossed!), but, this might lighten the dreary weather. We unearthed BANGS — a Brooklyn-based sneaker brand that pops with color and might just raise a smile.
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What Lurks Under the Pulaski Bridge? A Dose of Greenpoint History

Mitch gestures from the Pulaski Bridge
Mitch gestures from the Pulaski Bridge


“I’m gonna keep you alive, I promise!” says Mai Armstrong, member of Newtown Creek Alliance.

It’s Saturday morning – a scorcher, by the way – and a group of 31 culture enthusiasts from all over New York have assembled by St Anthony’s Church for a free two-hour guided walk of Newtown Creek (and environs) as part of Jane’s Walk NYC. One woman, an ex-resident, has brought her two daughters from Manhattan to check out the old ‘hood.  It’s a beautiful day, and we bristle with anticipation. Continue reading

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