Rumors about the closure have been circulating for weeks, but unfortunately, those rumors have turned out to be correct—Crest Hardware (558 Metropolitan Ave.) is closing.

Many patrons found out through a mailer which read “Store closing: Everything must go.” Greenpointers confirmed the closure from a staffer over the phone, but now the hardware store has officially made the announcement.

“Sadly, our property partners did not grant us any opportunity to renew our lease. They instead made the choice to sell the property in which Crest exists,” said owner Joseph Franquinha in a press release. “The decision to not relocate reflects broader trends of increasing commercial rents and the challenges of maintaining a small business in a rapidly changing urban landscape, forcing us to make the difficult decision to permanently close our doors.” 

Scenes from Crest Fest 2012

Brothers Manny and Joe Franquinha founded the store in 1962, and Manny’s son Joseph eventually took over. Locals loved Crest for its product selection, friendly service, and community spirit that set it apart from the big box chains. Throughout its many decades of operation, Crest hosted pumpkin carving contests, film festivals, and an annual arts festival, the latter of which Wall Street Journal once wrote “has gained increasing stature as an important showcase for emerging breakout artists & is now considered a stepping-stone to acclaimed group shows at the level of P.S. 1.”

The last day will be August 30. Starting July 11, Crest will be featuring discounts from 10% – 70% off regular retail prices.

And before they close for good, in true Crest spirit, the team will host a farewell get together on August 24. “The celebration will take place from 2:00
PM to 8:00 PM, featuring live music, local food vendors, and family-friendly activities in our garden space,” the press release continues. It’s our way of saying thank you to the community that has supported us for so many years.”

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  1. Truly sad day for the community – this coupled with the moped robberies feels like a turning point for Williamsburg, not in a good way. For those of us who are native to Brooklyn, this comes as no surprise. Wealthy transients have been using it as a playground while small businesses escape due to decreasing quality of life (crime, trash, rising costs, smoke shops). Eventually it will become a hollowed out shell as residents move away once they realize all the small businesses are gone. Truly sad but this is what happens when you have terrible leaders at the local, state and federal level.

    1. Why being sad? They should be happy. This is what they voted for. This should not come as a surprise. Keep voting blue no matter who!

  2. Oh no! I love Crest and the people who worked there. I shopped there for so many of my plants and garden supplies! All of the cool places are closing and more monstrous glass condos are being built.

  3. Sorry to hear that
    I closed my family hardware business after 92 years in Greenpoint. 977 Manhattan Ave . My grandfather opened it in 1920. I was 3rd generation too. Sold the buildings too. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE !

  4. Manny and Joe started across the current spot with a smaller store that they out grew. Tony their worker was a great source of knowledge as well as Joe and Manny . The ownership today was great . They were offered a great number . Good luck

  5. I always went to crest to buy all my supplies that I needed for my apartment very sad that they have to close a big lost to the neighborhood

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