Three things were unavoidable during this year’s LadyLand: ornate outfits, pulsing beats, and unapologetic joy.

Held almost yearly in Brooklyn by NYC nightlife tour de force Ladyfag, this iteration was her biggest soiree yet—three stages full of both underground artists and seasoned pop royalty, a commingling of cultural mainstays and folks you’d find playing an irresistible warehouse party. Equal parts music festival, nightclub, and underground rave, it was a highlight of New York City Pride weekend as festival-goers danced, sang, and revelled under the “K” bridge. It was sexy, spirited, and uniquely Brooklyn, rounding out LGBTQ+ Pride Month in the best way. 

In its second year at Under the ‘K’ Bridge Park— a surprisingly lush, stunning space when it’s not hosting raves and ragers—LadyLand saw the likes of Tinashe, Tokischa, and Real Housewives of New York icon Countess Luann play alongside underground darlings MJ Nebreda, LSDXOXO, Amber Valentine, Doss, and others. Yes, the venue may have been relatively remote (the walk from the Graham Avenue L to the main entrance was a 20-minute stroll through parking lots, warehouses, and a family of geese), but the airy, easy-to-navigate location provided the perfect place to party the night away—and easy access to all of the gritty afterparties.

From actor-turned-singer Julia Fox’s performance of her new single “Down The Drain” (with Honey Balenciaga joining her on stage), to Miss Tinashe being none other than a Nasty Girl, to DJ Ruby Fox’s rapturous tunes, to Madonna making a not-so-surprise appearance during Saturday night’s voguing ball, the unassuming park under the bridge bore witness to a plethora of iconic, historic, and unapologetically queer moments. And, despite audio hiccups and the ominous rumble of traffic overhead, fans proved that, even in the face of pouring rain on Saturday night, they would keep partying no matter the circumstances.

It’s no surprise that LadyLand brought out some of the very best of NYC nightlife. By the first hour, the festival had already become synonymous with some of the biggest contenders of NYC culture and art.  The VIP section was a who’s who of NYC culture—mingling in the crowd was none other than Irina Shayk, Skin, Riccardo Tisci, Honey Balenciaga, and River Moon—but that was nothing out of the ordinary for Pride Month’s biggest bash yet. With an outstanding crop of DJs, performers, and audience members, it was the summit for eclectic, envelope-pushing performances, art—and elaborate outfits. It was a celebration of everything queer, Saturday night rain be damned. 

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