Earlier this month, the New York City Sheriff’s Office began a crackdown on unlicensed marijuana businesses, and some that have popped up in the neighborhood (seemingly overnight, and often bearing louder neon signs than the last) have felt the heat.

Cease and seizure order at 390 Metropolitan Ave

“Operation Padlock to Protect,” as it’s been named by Mayor Adams’ administration, is an effort to combat illegal cannabis and smoke shop operators, particularly targeting those in school zones and that have reportedly sold products resulting in sickness. The initial crackdown included a string of NYPD raids of said businesses, resulting in owners being arrested and doors padlocked shut.

In Williamsburg, one such impacted business is Metropolitan Convenience at 390 Metropolitan Avenue (between Milk Bar and Golden Dragon Kitchen), which, until more recently, went by the name Lifvy. Today, the lights inside remain on, while there’s an Immediate Order of Closure notice on the external gate dated May 7.

The notice reads:

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Office of the New York City Sheriff, or an individual designated by the Sheriff, has determined that direct or indirect sales of cannabis, cannabis products, and/or products marketed or labeled as cannabis, which may include offers of sale, are occurring within the above referenced address (the “subject premises”) without the required registration, license, or permit issued by the New York State Office of Cannabis Management.

It then goes on to cite what items were seized, including THC flower and pre-rolls, THC edibles, THC vapes, and THC concentrate.


Following, business owners can submit a petition for review for the return of the seized items or to challenge the order within 20 days. In a response to a Google review left for Lifvy, the business responded saying “We’ll be back” roughly two weeks ago (the when, how, and business name remains to be seen).

390 Metropolitan, along with a handful of others in the neighborhood, are counted as part of the less than 2,900 locations throughout the five boroughs that have been reported for investigation. Reportedly 75 shops were specifically ordered to close within the first week of Adams’ operation.

However, while this may be a blow to the area’s Zaza Cinematic Universe, it hasn’t entirely gone up in smoke—Williamsburg’s first legal marijuana dispensary, Hii NYC, opened last month at 152 Bedford Ave, making it the eighth licensed store in Kings County.

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  1. Good. Now, can they sweep Greenpoint’s Manhattan Ave from the canal to McCarren?? We’re getting swamped with these places, sometimes there are two on the same block, FACING each other! There’s no way these are all licensed – I’d be surprised if any of them are. Don’t buy at unlicensed – you have no idea what you’re purchasing! I cannot believe NYC made such a mess of this effort. Should have followed San Francisco’s lead – they do not have this problem in that city, cuz they did it right.

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