In the wake of recreational marijuana’s legalization in New York, tacky (and unlicensed) weed stores have proliferated, scooping up what feels like every vacant storefront with a speed that puts Spirit Halloween to shame (RIP Mr. Berry, already replaced by one of these unsightly shops). 

Now, Williamsburg locals can breathe a sigh of relief as an actually licensed storefront just opened up on 152 Bedford Avenue. 

Meet Hii NYC, which opened last Friday. The store joins only a handful of licensed stores in Kings County, as a legal battle has stalled the rollout of licensed stores in Brooklyn. 

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“The dispensary and its website is stocked with marijuana flower, pre-rolls, edibles and concentrates from several NY-based cannabis companies who have also teamed up with Hii NYC for product education,” Brooklyn Paper reports. “Reps for the vendors keep the dispensary’s bud-tenders highly-trained so they can pass that knowledge on to consumers — whether they’re experienced or green users.”

Previously, the closest legal dispensaries to Greenpoint and Williamsburg were located in Bushwick. The Bedford Avenue storefront used to be a Verizon store, though it sat vacant for the past couple of years.


Assemblymember Emily Gallagher celebrated the news on Instagram and shed some light on the current status of these unlicensed storefronts. “The good news is that the budget granted NYC new powers to padlock businesses that sell cannabis without a license,” she said.

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  1. Ha! There’s like 20 unlawful smoke shops within a two block radius of this new dispensary on Bedford Ave – what a boon to the neighborhood! Can we get these padlocked and shut down asap? They are literally destroying NYC and it’s residents. Start with the ones that have opened next to a school of which there are many.

    1. Agreed. NYS got the legalization right but scored an F minus on regulation, responsibility and non promotion, the keys to deal with a vice or dangerous object.

      I was walking with my daughter on Manhattan Ave. and she said she didn’t have to buy any pot, the smell and smoke of it she was inhaling was enough from the shops on every block and people smoking it.

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