At 56 Berry Street, one rooftop water container is on track to be traded for another — according to job filings submitted to the Department of Buildings, plans to remove the iconic water tower built as part of the Hecla Iron Works complex in the late 1800s are currently under review.

This alteration is part of Bathhouse‘s expansion to Brooklyn Brewery’s old space, where they stand to gain 18,000 additional square feet for their spa and hospitality services. Bathhouse is currently situated at 103 N 10th Street and offers three thermal pools, two saunas, and a steam room, plus ad-hoc treatments like massages and scrubs and a restaurant for visitors. (Editor’s note—the lot that the Bathhouse is operating out of includes three different addresses, two on Berry, and one on North 11th.)

8,000 of those new square feet at 56 Berry will be on the roof, which is where the water tower comes in. The spa’s plans include opening a rooftop garden terrace with a pool for relaxation with a side of city views (but hopefully not city smells). The plan to remove the water tower was submitted last week.


Hecla Iron Works was a design studio and foundry founded by Scandinavian immigrants and business partners Niels Poulson and Charles Eger. Hecla supplied iron ornamental work to much of New York City in the late 1800s and early 1900s, including the American Surety Building, New York Life Insurance Company Building, B. Altman & Co. Department Store, Macomb’s Dam Bridge and 155th Street Viaduct, Grand Central Terminal, and kiosks for the IRT subway system.

The distinct Hecla building at 100-118 N 11th Street was landmarked in 2004. However, that preservation designation does not extend to the entire factory complex, which includes the 56 Berry roof.


Some locals have expressed concern with the project and have drafted a petition, which you can find here.

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  1. Great story. Sad to loose the water tower. They should fix it and preserve it! And what is more concerning is that the new roof deck pool & bar will hold about 200 people and it will be non stop noise to all the surrounding buildings. We live right across the street and our apartment building is full of families. The kids now have to deal with a bunch of loud and drunk party people right outside our windows. This should not be allowed so close to all of our residences. There is a community meeting on May 2 at 435 Graham Ave., 7 pm. Please come if you want to help to stop any of this.

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