Another sad story out of South Williamsburg.

At around 2:40 p.m. on April 16, a driver operating a 2022 Buick Enclave SUV on Wallabout Street made a left turn onto Franklin Avenue and crossed the double yellow lines into traffic, an NYPD spokesperson told Greenpointers. The driver then struck a 10-year-old pedestrian at the crosswalk. 

The driver, 62-year-old Williamsburg resident Isaac Karczag, remained on the scene. Police took him into custody, charging him with failure to yield to a pedestrian, failure to obey traffic device, and failure to exercise due care.  

The victim, Williamsburg resident Hayalde Yitel ben Eliezer Wertzberger, also known as Yitty, was taken to Brooklyn Hospital where she was pronounced deceased. 

Sadly, the South Williamsburg area has seen several similar incidents in recent months. In February, two fatal crashes occurred less than 12 hours apart on Lorimer Street, with a hit-and-run happening shortly after (luckily, no major injuries were reported).


City Council Member Lincoln Restler pointed out that the area saw a fatality in 2020, when a driver killed 35-year-old Sarah Pitts.

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  1. It is so sad. It should be a law that you must stop before turning into a crosswalk no matter whether you see someone or not. My Dad always taught us to never assume a driver sees you. Always make sure they acknowledge you.

  2. God bless the little boy and his family. But Democrats lack common sense, instead of teaching Street safety in school, you extremist Democrats teach our kids how to use the correct pronoun to refer to things that don’t help them cross a street. Also get healthier food in the schools. Stop giving on money away to illegals. Protect and feed American taxpayer children properly as we’re the ones who put the money into government.

  3. When I worked at Con Edison as a meter reader in the summertime. They had an actual video class for 30 minutes instructing us how to cross the street safely. Radical Democrats think out of the box for once and educate all our children in school on Street safety. Stop pandering to the extremist teaches Union.

  4. Also you radical communist Democrats are ruining the way of life in our city. We can’t afford our food and rent an electric, due to your shit head thinking to go green. We should put money into improving and protecting the existing grid. Don’t waste money on green energy when our electric grid is going to be taken down by five terrorists knocking out five substations, also security should be increased to our water supply.

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