Yet another crash has taken place in Greenpoint.

Yesterday evening, two cars collided at Nassau Avenue and Humboldt Street. It’s not entirely clear what unfolded, as the drivers of each vehicle recount a different story.

According to the NYPD, one driver stated that he was traveling southbound on Humboldt Street and kept going as the light changed from green to yellow. Another driver turned from Nassau Avenue onto Humboldt Street and failed to stop at the red light; the first driver then collided into the second vehicle, causing damage.

The driver of the second vehicle says it was actually the first driver who failed to stop at the red light. He stated to the NYPD that he had pain in the right side of his body.

The NYPD made no mention of how a vehicle ended up crashing into Bakestone Bakery. Judging by the photos that the street safety group Make McGuinness Safe posted on social media, it doesn’t look like the bakery was damaged. The photos indicate that a gray Volkswagen Passat is the vehicle that ended up on the sidewalk.


Just in 2024, the Volkswagen Passat has racked up four violations for speeding in a school zone.

Screenshot from How’s My Driving NY.

A neighbor shared additional photos with Greenpointers, with the license plate of the other vehicle visible.

In 2020, the driver of the Honda was cited for “failure to stop at a red light.”

A screenshot from How’s My Driving NY.

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      1. was actually walking my dogs with my husband when I see the car, coming I tried to wave the Passat driver down but it was to late , I’m very glad I seen the speeding Honda from a distance something told me to stay a little back from the cross walk .

  1. From what I seen yesterday standing outside the bar, was wolkswagon Passat pulling out of a spot I paid close attention to the car because I Hurd some nice music coming from it, so just as I’m looking a car comes flying out of nowhere and hits the Passat making the car move almost 30 feet from we’re it got hit , there’s no way that guy in the Honda was doing the speed limit (had to be doing 60+)the Honda blew a red light multiple witness seen this happen .. not saying this report is wrong but it’s not accurate

  2. Hi I am a customer of the barber shop on the coner of Humboldt and nassu ave and I can give you some details on what occurred
    3-21-24 at approximately 4-5 pm a wolks wagon Passat was coming down the street playing music as I look at the car I noticed a cool sticker on the back as I go to look away I see the car just get hit extremely hard , it then flew into the coner of a bakery not causing any damage to the bakery I then go over to see if the driver that got hit was okay and he was extremely hurt …I as a greenpoint citizen can say we have to stop speeding that Honda was going way to fast to of made that car end up we’re it did , AND THEN TO BLOW A LIGHT WERE CHILDREN WALK ,THROW HIM IN JAIL THAT HONDA DRIVER NEEDS TO PAY FOR HIS ACTIONS THE LEGAL WAY …

  3. I am never seen so many comments re a Greenpointer story, which is a great e paper.

    Well at least something possible came out of this.

  4. We need to have speed bumps installed on Humboldt between Norman & Nassau. This is the stretch where people speed up the most as it is the first residential block after the industrial area. We reached out to DOT and they dismissed the request. Don’t also forget that a car ended up on upside down on this stretch of Humboldt over the Xmas after colliding with a parked car…

  5. I decided to put my kid in PS 110 because I didn’t want to cross McGuiness with my child. Now, Nassau Ave is also a constant worry.

    We need speed bumps and a stop sign at Diamond St.

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