A semi-truck experiencing brake failure crashed into Kosciuszko Plaza, off of Meeker Avenue and Van Dam Street, according to an NYPD spokesperson. The incident took place early this afternoon. No injuries were reported, and the damage was relatively minimal, considering the scale of the vehicle. 

The NYPD spokesperson told Greenpointers that the truck only knocked over a pole, although Make McGuinness Safe shared footage on social media that indicated a bench had also been damaged in the process. It looked like another car got caught up in the mayhem, but no other details were provided. 

The incident at Kosciuszko Plaza. Image credit: Make McGuinness Safe.

The plaza is located next to the busy Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, as well as Under the K Bridge Park.

Greenpointers has reported on several deadly traffic incidents as of late, so we’re thankful that no one got hurt here. Unfortunately, also this afternoon, a pedestrian was struck by a car in Greenpoint, at Manhattan Avenue and Kent Street, sustaining injuries.

Details are still preliminary, we will update if we find out more.


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  1. No surprise that the NYPD is either flat out lying or is oblivious to what happens on its streets. (Both can be true!) obviously more than a pole was involved. And let me guess, they didn’t even bother citing the driver for be completely illegal on these streets. 53 foot semis have no place in the streets of New York.

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