This year, Greenpoint dance club Good Room (98 Meserole Ave.) will celebrate its tenth anniversary. 

While the all-out anniversary party won’t be till later this year, Good Room is kicking things off with its annual membership party on February 29. Party-goers can get a personalized membership card, which includes perks like discounts at sister establishment Good Bar and free and priority entry to events. There will also be DJ sets throughout the night and free beer and pizza while supplies last.

Good Room opened just before Halloween in 2014, taking over the space previously occupied by Polish nightclub, Europa. Opening night featured ​​Nancy Whang (from Brooklyn favorite LCD Soundsystem), The Juan Maclean, and Nomi Ruiz.

Kim Ann Foxman at Good Room. Photo: Seze Devres.

Its opening signified a new era of Brooklyn nightlife. Reporting on Good Room’s launch in 2014 Bedford and Bowery said, “For the most part, the influx of proper dance clubs into Williamsburg hasn’t yet seeped north into Greenpoint—but that will change when Good Room opens early next month.”

Since opening, Good Room has become known for genre-spanning dance parties where “anyone’s welcome,” said the club’s booker Josh Houtkin. The website calls the venue a “traditional Greenpoint bar scene with a club vibe.” Put another way by Good Room’s marketing manager, Lauren Murada, it’s a “friendly neighborhood club.”


“During the day, walking down Manhattan Avenue, you wouldn’t know [Good Room] is there,” Murada said. “You wouldn’t expect a club to be in such a residential neighborhood, but it works for us. We have so many Greenpoint locals who come.”

Good Room owner Greg Brier and booker Josh Houktin. Photo: Seze Devres

Even during tough times—like when the club shut down for 18 months during the pandemic—Good Room invested in the local community, hosting Twitch livestreams with NYC DJs, where proceeds were split between the club and the artists. But the livestream proceeds weren’t enough to cover the costs of the extended closure. After being rejected from receiving a Save Our Stages Grant without reason, the team decided to fully reopen in September 2021 and engaged the broader community for support.

“We didn’t know if we’d come back after Covid,” Murada said. “We worked so hard to keep our heads above the water, so we’ve just been enjoying it since then.”

What’s next for Good Room? More reliably good music any night of the week. Continuing to invest in up-and-coming artists, giving them opportunities to be openers at bigger events. And, of course, staying connected to the neighborhood.

“It’s very important to us to be a part of Greenpoint,” Houtkin said. “Hopefully, we’ll still be here in 10 years.”

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